Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome 2011

I guess we can add Weight Watchers to my many things to do in a week. I am fat and I CAN help it :) So we are back to the grind of things and getting healthy. Well at least I am and the only food entering this house is going to be in there well until I get some wheel power. I sat here for an hour thinking of if I was going to tell the blog world about this or if I was suddenly going to toss is out there after I reached a goal. Well dang it I reached a goal. I walked through the doors of the Weight Watchers and I stood accountable and got my weight NO I am not going to toss that out there but I can tell you I did not gain all 70 back from the last time WOOO HOOO!! So sense life has now became a little normal I can get back on it. OH and another goal for this year is to go back to Disneyland in November and Mom is going to be there so we are all working towards some goals here.

OK some fun stuff now.... Jackson has started pee wee bowling and he is on a team with Nathan called the strikers. I think it is awesome that they came up with their own name and everything! He is doing really well and loves every moment of it. I plan on posting some new photos VERY soon also. New Camera YEEEE. OK world Happy New year even though it took me 21 days to say it!

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