Monday, May 31, 2010


May has been an insanely busy month. Really it is once again birthday central around here. My mom celebrated her 57th birthday I am so glad she was able to do this without being in the hospital. We also celebrated my Mom-in-laws birthday and my cousin Cheryl's birthday. Not to mention we also had Mothers Day.
Jackson LOVES to be onstage. He loves to sing and dance and the Mother's Day Tea was the perfect place for that.
After I we went to Papas house and Mom walked up stairs YEP you read that right she did it. No problem at all. I am so very proud of her for all of her hard work! This is proof she did it!While we were there a took some pics in front of Nana and Papas house. I am going to miss this place so much when they take it away to build a freeway. I have so many memories of this place. I grew up having Christmases here and every Friday night I would have a sleep over in the at the time GINORMOUS water bed. I remember playing on the bed with my grandmother. I remember being the garage with my Papa helping him sand old cars and getting dirty. I know it is just a inanimate object but it just pains me to think of them tearing it down. It is one of those places that has always stayed the same. It has always been a place of refuge for me and a place to go to just be calm and with family. I learned to roller skate in the drive way. I l have so many memories of this place that I can not name them all.
I am going to go back and take some more pictures before the time comes that they get rid of it. But I did take some good pic of Jackson on the fence! Oh how Nana would have loved to see him climbing this fence she would have loved to have seen us take these pictures. The reflection one was taken next to my grandfathers 48 Buick! Jackson says its his favorite!
I plan on doing a separate blog about Jackson's graduation, but that also happend!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I know I know it took me long enough huh! Today I got to go with Cheryl to see the newest baby in our family. It was soooooo amazing to see that little life moving and kicking and her saying WOW it is real and I can't even feel it I love you sooooo much Cheryl and can't wait till June 19th so we can see if it is a He or a She :)

Monday, May 03, 2010

Does this need any words?

I know it doesn't, the words yelled many times were BUZZ LIGHT YEAR KING TO THE RESCUE! Good thing we don't let him pick his clothes out during the day LOL


I know gasp wow what huh??? Yes that is my cousin Cheryl and yes she is having a baby she is due around November 24th wooo hoo to new babies in the family! This is her first pregnancy and she and Jason are soooooo excited. To tell you the truth I am sooooo excited :). Today I went with her to her first appointment. Well sort of appointment she had all her blood work done. Taking one for the team I should call it. Cheryl did awesome for someone who is sooooo afraid of needles she would much rather fall off a cliff than every look at one. I just wanted to post this to tell her how proud I am of her for doing so well today and can't wait to see the baby on Wednesday via ultrasound of course :) Can't wait to see the little golf ball size baby in there :)

Spring at last!

Step 1: Place Rocket on the base!
Step 2: BLAST OFF (flip the switch)
Step 3: get wet and have fun!

Spring has decided to show its face at last. It has rained at least 2 days each week for the past week I am not complaining, but when we get the chance we are spending it outside playing. Jackson picked out a new sprinkler this year. We are totally into Buzz right now and so of course when he saw that this shot a rocket in the air and you are the one flipping the switch he begged for it. This is a guaranteed 2 hour play window we are talking about. I love that he is able to go play out there on his own and I can clean house and know he is playing with the rocket because every few seconds I hear BLAST OFF! Oh and he is not digging to China in that hole he has created. It gets bigger and bigger each year it is insane! So BLAST OFF here are some pics of him playing with this awesome toy!

Something New

Oh I have a new love. A love that no longer leaks. A love that shall save energy and no longer freeze my lettuce. A love that I can fit a full load of groceries in and still have left over room :). A love where we can have 2 types of juice instead of just one. If you have not already guess this is our new appliance :) isn't it grand??? Don't worry people I dont miss cleaning up the puddle of water every day and I really do not miss the art work Jackson decided to do when he was 2 with the silver sharpie marker.
Oh and yes there are those Pjs again :P

Open House

Yes I know I am still catching up on April activities hey if you can read this you know that it is 10:15 PM and I am typing and uploading pictures to catch up. May is suppose to be pretty busy too. SO be ready to have May all about a month behind too.

April 20th was Jackson open house. He got to show off his room at school and all things he has been working on. Included in this was also a report card of sorts. He is doing great! He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Knowing all his letters by site and their sounds. Counting to 39 the entire concept of 40 is new to him and he can count to 30 in Spanish. NO I did not teach him this he has picked it up here and there. So get ready for graduation pics here coming soon. He graduated May 28th soooooo family if you want to come you may it is at 11:30 at Cornerstone Church :)

Thank You

Thanks Uncle Matt and Aunt Meagan!!!
We have read the book many times so far have not had a chance to play with the water toy yet buuuuut the crown was a hit.

Jackson would also like to say thank you for all the packing paper he gets to recycle!Its a huge deal to take the cans to the recycle and the paper too sooo this was a trip on its own he was into it.

Also Thank-you Ah-Ah and Uncle Josh for the PJs. As soon as they come out of the dryer they get dirty all over again :)