Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom

I sat here for a few hours how to go about putting this down in words. Today marks the Anniversary of the day I had to have my int-abated. One of the hardest choices and I have ever made in my life. A step towards life and not death. A choice I had to make for my mother and something she would have to follow through with to decide to live and keep going and not give up. A year ago today I watched my mother struggle for breath and go through some horrible things. I thought about it all day long today. We went to the Dr today well actually 2 doctors. She even did a breathing test with no Oxygen and the doctor was rather happy with the results. I kept thinking back to that day. We went to lunch with Jackson and had a good day for the most part but I still am in shock about how far she has come in a year. A year ago today they told me my mother was going to die within hours and if she didn't that is was going to take over a year for her to come home. She has beat the odds with flying colors. She has pounded the odds like a mad person coming home in 7 months instead of a year without any tubes except oxygen.

Yes taking care of my mom is hard work. I will never say it is the easiest choice by any means. We argue a whole lot we learn a whole lot and we laugh a ton because of some of the situations we put ourselves in. If I would have not made this choice I would not be able to have these moments. I praise God and thank God each day that I can say I did not lose my Mother. I thank God each day that he has guided me through my choices that I have made over the past year. Without his guiding me through life I would not be where I am today. I also wouldn't have my mother to help me and support me for many years to come!

I know it might sound strange to say Happy Anniversary to something like this, hey it might sound flat out gross and morbid. I just want to say Happy Anniversary to Life Mom. Love you so much!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Going Green Jacksonism

Hey Mama I'm going green. I am going to recycle these bottles and play with them. I am an alien I am an alien I am an alien. LOL.

Yes we have been recycling a lot around the house well at least trying our best. Jackson is a big part of that and loves taking the cans and plastic bottles out to the garage. Just one way of going green around our house lol :)