Wednesday, June 03, 2009

LOVE the Clearance Rack

KMart buy of the year $4 WOO HOO!!!

I never said I stopped taking pictures

Never did I say I had no pictures from the past two months so here is what you or neglected to miss.
Singing on Palm Sunday
Went with Nathan to a Easter Egg Hunt@ Bass Pro Shop
Birthday Party
Becca Moved to Town Played Hopscotch
Dyed Easter Eggs
Easter Sunday
Got a new bike from Papa Scott
Cultural Day @ Preschool
Fishing Derby

Monday, June 01, 2009

Life As We Know It!?

I know it has been a few months sense I have blogged. Honestly the goal was to a take a month off and then give a huge update with pictures and everything. If you are a friend of mine or a family member of mine you may not be surprised that I have not had the time nor the energy to think of blogging. Around the middle of April mom started not feeling good at all. On the 26th I decided to take mom to the hospital. After not being able to get her into her wheel chair I had to decide to call 911 to help me. She had been having a lot of speech problems like name things the wrong way and had not been sleeping. That was the first decision of so many that I have had to make in the past week. That day she was admitted into ICU. They finally got her in there and admitted and resting around 7:00 P.M. I was sent home to sleep because I would have to be there the next day. When I got there at 9:00 in the morning the next day my mother was even more out of it. She was a pail white/blue tent and she was not waking up longer than 5 minutes at a time. By 10:30 that morning I was being told that I needed to make the decision to put her on a ventilator or not. Her CO2 levels were VERY high and she was not getting enough Oxygen. So after much deliberation my grandfather and I made the decision to put the tube in she instantly woke up and had color again. Sense that point because they were not able to take her off the vent and because you can only have the tube in for 10 -14 days On may 5th we including my mother decided to have a tracheotomy. Sense then within 2 weeks she has been on the vent completely and breathing with just oxygen. She is progressing very well and has lost YES 114lbs. She is in physical theropy and to her dismay she may be transferred to a rehabilitation place. Its going to be hard and complicated for a few more months. I think at the end of all this she will be a lot more happier with the outcome. So if anyone wants to come and visit Marin County with me :) and take a drive I might need a buddy to drive with. I know loooong story pretty short.

So about the rest of us. Jackson is doing well he misses mom deeply and you can tell by some little things like he sleeps with her blanket and says in random spots that he misses his gram. He is going to be staying in school through the summer. That was his decision. He actually asked for it they are doing some special things I am sure you will see pictures.

Jeremy is still working in Davis he is going to be working there at the least till August. He is teaching a class right now at church that he is really enjoying.

Me... I am doing OK stressed but getting through everything :)

Sorry again about the lack of blog but I know most of you understand!