Wednesday, October 28, 2009

hmm ok

Some good news on the home front Mom came home on the 6th of October. Then on the 7th my great-grandmother Tootmom went to be with the Lord. Yes you read that right. Tootmom had a full and wonderful life. She was 97. There are so many things that I could say about her how she used to sing I love you a bushel and peck. She used to laugh she LOVED to laugh and loved jokes. She taught me to play canasta at 6 yes can you believe it. She was an awesome great-grandmother and I miss her so much. She made a huge influence on how I am today and how a woman can do anything they want to set their mind to. She will by our entire family and things are just sort of now sinking in.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohh the 4 year old funnies

Sometimes life is just funny. Sometimes you have to laugh even though you know you shouldn't also. One day last week Jackson got in trouble at school. We have been working on this yes and he has stayed green on his ticker for about 2 weeks now and that is awesome. Well last Wednesday the teacher comes to the door and whispers to me that Jackson got a orange ticker but she wanted to explain this on. A little boy was saying he wears diapers. Jackson said no I dont and said this about 4-5 times. Well finally Jackson had enough of this conversation and pulled his pants down in front of the class and said "SEE I WEAR UNDERS" Well the teacher had to do something and understand but when I left the class and everyone else I told the story to has laughed. NOOO I didn't laugh in front of Jackson, but I did laugh. When I had Jackson explain the story to me he said "that boy is just preposterous!" Who is this child and who has taught him these words lol :) So now i not only go over the way we make good choices for day and listen to teacher, I also have to say and please keep your pants up in class ;)

Melissa and Kris got married

Last Saturday on September 19th I had the honor of being Melissa's maid of honor. We trucked it to Tahoe and actually got a weekend away. No child. (Uhhh yah I missed him. I am so happy for Melissa and Kris and so glad they found each other. I pray that each day end with a kiss and a smile and wakes up the same! Also may you keep the Lord in your lives to guide you through the rough times and even the happy ones too!! PS Melissa you are now SeptoMom :P They have seven children combined. This must be true love right :) Love you both!

We celebrated Jeremy's Birthday also :) Happy Birthday honey I know I said it then too I love you so much and I am so glad you were born. I thank the Lord for putting you in my life and I you also to what you have brought to my life!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today is the day

This is the first time I have seen my Mom out of the hospital sense April 26th only did she get to go outside today for an hour and a half and spend that time with Jackson BUT she also took 24 steps on the parallel bars. They a thinking maybe the end of October she might get out! WOW from before Christmas to before Halloween crazy stuff huh. PRAISE THE LORD and THANK GOD FOR SOME GOOD! We really needed good.
Did I mention I have a new Hair color. Oh and on the way to see Mom Jackson yelled "MAMA CHECK IT OUT I FOUND A 4 IN MY PRETZEL BAG!!!"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jackson's First Day Of Jr K

Jackson started Jr Kindergarten on August 18th! He absolutely loves it and he is learning how to right some new letters. He has learned F, E, & D. He is so excited to write. He just doesnt like all the questions such as... "Hey Jackson you learned the letter F today?

Jackson: Yes
Me: What starts with the letter F
Jackson: Well Mama I don't really care for this letter it is not very fun.
Me: you know fun starts with the letter F right?
Jackson: Yes But I don't care F F F F is for Fish and Friend and other F words

Hmm Ya think he gets it?

Also in the going ons. We had our first Birthday without Nana. We went and saw Mom and then we went to the Cemetery. It helped ot bring flowers to her. I guess I dont think Anything would work this year.

In other news Mom took her very first walk on the Parallel bars. From 3 steps with a walker to 15 on the bars AWESOME isn't!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


My best friend Andrea came to visit us this past week. Along with her she brought 2 very AWESOME Godchild :) Jackson go to visit with them too he was very excited so excited it got him to pick up most of the toys in his room. Believe me that was a very difficult chore. He had a huge mess.

The kids played a lot as in they played so much that they had dirt in ever inch of their bodies they had it in their hair. They even had it in their ears. While the kids played we got to catch up and laughed a whole lot. All I know is I can't wait for December to see them again.

Do Us weirdos make so pretty babies or what lol :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not really slowing down!

I am sure that by the time I am even thinking about putting the last word into this blog my son will be awake and I will have to be getting up to finish cleaning. This week is about slowing down really you think it might work. The house is being cleaned and the laundry is getting done and did I mention Andrea is coming to visit... yep Andrea and the kids are coming to visit from Wednesday to Sunday. We have not been able to visit longer than 2 hours for quite some time. So far the only actual plans we have made to leave the house are her to go to a wedding and on Friday to go see my Mom. It will be the first time seeing her sense the entire process. So it should be a good visit.

Mom is doing really well this week in her PT they put her on a board. Sorry I can not remember the name of it. It makes her stand up on her feet and strengthens her legs so she can begin walking. They are planning on down sizing her trech sometime this week. This means it will be able to try capping it off. The RT believe within the next month we will have no more trech. WOO HOO!!!

Jackson starts Pre-K this month OHHH I cannot get over that he is getting so big. Like I said before I would not be able to finish typing this blog without him getting up. He is sitting next to me playing his v-smile travel. He calls it his DS LOL :) Talk to you all soon with lots of photos I am sure!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Mother

OK OK I know I said that I was actually going to do this last post but I had to talk about LOL before I talked about something serious again. Mom has been progressing so much in the just the last two weeks I do believe we are starting to see the end of the tunnel. She has lost Over 200lbs yes I typed that correctly! Also she has now moved on to a different type of trech. She is now about to talk they put a special type of valve on it that has a mesh across it that allows her to speak. Very well actually she is able to talk on the phone when called and the speech therapist has said she will not need any speech lessons. The Dr said that she should actually be able to cap it off completely very soon. After she get used to that they will be able to sew up the tracheotomy. This is AWESOME NEWS!!!! She is standing more and more each day and is able to stand up completely on her own. She is soooo wanting to take that first step and can't wait. She is totally home sick and misses everyone so much.

The rehabilitation hospital is

Kindred Hospital
223 Fargo Way
Folsom, CA 95630


Our church did a fund raiser for our Missions trip to Ghana. It was called LOL (laugh Out Loud) Goes to the hop. It was completly 50s themed and we got to have root beer floats and had popcorn. It was so great to see so many people in our church show their talents and there support in such a wonder cause. They are currently in the process of trying to build a church for a village there. There has been money donated in 2 very special peoples honor also Mrs. Maybell Martin and Pastor Jim Carlton. They church will be in honor of their wish to stread the news about Jesus over seas via missions. It is such a wonderfully expiring project and I am so glad to see that soon they will start building. The villigers have been meeting under a true because they do not have a building to praise in. Here is some more info if you care to know more or would like to donate also :)

Becca (11) and Kaitlin (9) (Cousins) both were in this program they both had a great time getting to know each other and becoming close. Yes they are 2 years apart but I do believe they became great friends out of it too! They did such a great job and I am so happy they are learning and participating in church and at the same time learning the Lord more and more each day!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oh July 2009 how you will be remembered

Hello everyone I have tried to type and write this blog for the past 2 weeks. It truly has been a rather difficult month. If I drowned it out of my mind I would to honestly tell you I wish I could keep July 3rd at a stand still. July 3rd was that last conversation with my neighbor and close friend Jennifer. On the Morning of July 5th Jackson stood at our front door and said MAMA the FIRE TRUCK IS HERE. I ran out there to see Jennifer being loaded it a ambulance. Jennifer had been very sick over the past few months she had cancer and things were not working well for her. Turns out all of us in denial were about to get a huge smack in the face. Jennifer had a stroke that day and never woke up. I dont want you guys to remember as that so I am going to quit simple tell you what she was to me. Jennifer was not just a neighbor. I have know here sense I was 9 years old and begging to go swimming in their pool next door brough my mother and her very close. So close that they became fast and very best friends. Jennifer was like an awesomely cool aunt. She let me have pool parties at her house. She introduced me to Van Halen and Arrowsmith. She also talked to me about boys and really was concerned about every aspect of my life. We talked daily and we never once did not say hello when we say each other even while driving away we always made sure to wave at least. She also was there for me when mom was put in the hospital this last time. She sat with me and called and checked in on me. She also was the person to see Mom off to the rehabilitation hospital. She talked to mom and said she loved her and for her to take care of her no matter what happened. They got to talk and hug before all of this went on and I so glad mom has those memories of that now.

You would think DANG what else could happen to Elaina welp we are not done yet....

The day that we had Jennifers celebration of life Nana and Papa watched Jackson. They played with him for the full day and the day before actually they watched movies they played Nana was so happy to spend so much time with him. She told me that her and Papa would rest that friday and they might even go for a drive. She also asked me to pray with her. She was planned to go to Standford on the 21st for some information about her heart they were trying to figure out exactly what steps they were going to take so that she could maybe start getting well. I prayed with her gave her a hug and kiss and loaded Jackson in the car she stood there on the front porch the entire time I drived away and waved and blew kisses to Jackson. The next day she really didn't feel well she said she was just tired and wanted to rest for the day. I did talk to her and to save my life I can tell you that I dont even remember exactly what we said I know we ended the phone call with I love you because we always did.

On Saturday morning at 3:30am I was woken up with banging on the front door. My grandfather was there saying Nana might have had a heart attack and to meet him at the hospital. In true fate my Nana died with Papa in his arms. Yes he called 911 and was taken to the hospital but by the time they got there my grandmother was not longer there. She went to be with Jesus.

My Nana has been a constant in my life my entire life the longest I went without seeing her would have to be either a week at vacation or science camp. I spent every Friday night with her up until my cousins moved in. So from 3 years old till I was almost in high School. She taught me to roller skate. She taught me so many things I can not even think of how I can put it all into words. She was there for every milestone of my life may it be very small as to giving me my first bath to the birth of Jackson. She had such a eventful life one that I have to write down eventually before I forget all the stories. She was a leader, a worker, a giver not just a grandmother and mother. She was so much and typing this is pretty much killing me.

Nana passed away on July 18th. 10 days after Jennifer her funeral was a week and day after hers also. pretty much 2 weeks of utter depression and tears. Not to mention I had to tell of this to my mother within 2 weeks my mother lost her mother and her best friend. 2 people who brought so much to my life.

2 funerals within a week of each other and in each of them I read a letter from mom so she could have a small bit of closure.

Oh and on the 21st I turned 29. Im not depressed about the age I honestly could care less about my birthday this year. I am usually the most excited and love my birthday but it was sort of smashed this year I dont think it will ever really be the same. I went and saw Mom by myself and Uncle Steve got me a cake. I also go to go to red lobster with the Hannons/Prices

The following Saturday I did have a small surprise party that took my mind off of things for a bit we sang Karioki and hung out and ate junk food. It was a lot of fun. Dana and Melissa did a great job in hiding it. plus I got my toes done :)

Lets just hope this year brings a lot more good things. :)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

4th of July

I know I very behind on things. On the July 3rd we went to perade and to fireworks and then on the 4th we did our own fireworks Jackson loved just about every part of it. We have been a bit tired around here as you will there will be a lot of back logging.

Mom has been moved to Fosom CA where she is currently TALKING YES TALKING I will write some more about that soon.
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

LOVE the Clearance Rack

KMart buy of the year $4 WOO HOO!!!

I never said I stopped taking pictures

Never did I say I had no pictures from the past two months so here is what you or neglected to miss.
Singing on Palm Sunday
Went with Nathan to a Easter Egg Hunt@ Bass Pro Shop
Birthday Party
Becca Moved to Town Played Hopscotch
Dyed Easter Eggs
Easter Sunday
Got a new bike from Papa Scott
Cultural Day @ Preschool
Fishing Derby

Monday, June 01, 2009

Life As We Know It!?

I know it has been a few months sense I have blogged. Honestly the goal was to a take a month off and then give a huge update with pictures and everything. If you are a friend of mine or a family member of mine you may not be surprised that I have not had the time nor the energy to think of blogging. Around the middle of April mom started not feeling good at all. On the 26th I decided to take mom to the hospital. After not being able to get her into her wheel chair I had to decide to call 911 to help me. She had been having a lot of speech problems like name things the wrong way and had not been sleeping. That was the first decision of so many that I have had to make in the past week. That day she was admitted into ICU. They finally got her in there and admitted and resting around 7:00 P.M. I was sent home to sleep because I would have to be there the next day. When I got there at 9:00 in the morning the next day my mother was even more out of it. She was a pail white/blue tent and she was not waking up longer than 5 minutes at a time. By 10:30 that morning I was being told that I needed to make the decision to put her on a ventilator or not. Her CO2 levels were VERY high and she was not getting enough Oxygen. So after much deliberation my grandfather and I made the decision to put the tube in she instantly woke up and had color again. Sense that point because they were not able to take her off the vent and because you can only have the tube in for 10 -14 days On may 5th we including my mother decided to have a tracheotomy. Sense then within 2 weeks she has been on the vent completely and breathing with just oxygen. She is progressing very well and has lost YES 114lbs. She is in physical theropy and to her dismay she may be transferred to a rehabilitation place. Its going to be hard and complicated for a few more months. I think at the end of all this she will be a lot more happier with the outcome. So if anyone wants to come and visit Marin County with me :) and take a drive I might need a buddy to drive with. I know loooong story pretty short.

So about the rest of us. Jackson is doing well he misses mom deeply and you can tell by some little things like he sleeps with her blanket and says in random spots that he misses his gram. He is going to be staying in school through the summer. That was his decision. He actually asked for it they are doing some special things I am sure you will see pictures.

Jeremy is still working in Davis he is going to be working there at the least till August. He is teaching a class right now at church that he is really enjoying.

Me... I am doing OK stressed but getting through everything :)

Sorry again about the lack of blog but I know most of you understand!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Just some pics on his actually birthday

Jackson thought his sun glasses were needed for the photos too :) Soon to be a lot more from his party and the open house pictures
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jackson Turns 4

Yep that is what I said!!! Jackson turned 4 today! Four years ago today I met my little boy who changed my life. I could not imagine him not in our lives. He is our entertainment through out the day and he makes everything better when you think you are going to have a bad day. I love that he can't wake up without saying good morning to each person in the house even when they are sleeping. I love that he can not stay
clean for anything even when just standing on the
front porch he can find something to get into just to make one dirty spot on him lol.
I love that he has to show me figures when you want 2 of something and putting it directly in my eye sight so I know for sure you want 2 crackers or 2 cookies :) I crack up that I have to help him put his shoes on the exact same way every day or he will question me 50 times throughout the day why I did it that way. I still do not understand why he must wear your new star (converse) EVERYDAY! If we can not find them he says "Oh it's going to be a grumpy bad say." I am amazed that Jackson will learn a Bible story at school or BSF and he will know it with every small detail even if the teacher doesn't think he has been listening. He will then tell it to everyone he sees. I am in awe of my sons faith. He tells people they need Jesus in their hearts so they will be in heaven and have a good clean heart. I could name so many more things about this child that I could have never known 4 years ago. The only thing I knew is that he was loved and wanted he was so wanted and has made our lives even more of a joy that could have ever thought of. I enjoy being a Mama greatly I think my life would be so boring without this child in my life and I would have no idea what to do with myself. I am sure I would but I really don't think I want to experience that! I am so glad to call him my son and he is so worth every moment of time I spend with him. I do believe Jeremy thinks the same of him too :)(The Shoes Nana bought that he must have on every day!)

Today Jackson has had school and lots of play time in his new play house that his Grandma Donna and Papa Pete bought he thinks its awesome. It has been a nice day so he has taken every advantage of it. We have open house at preschool tonight so we will be doing that and then follow up by going to dinner! There will be a ton more pics from today but I just wanted to mark this date!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday MATT

I know I know I am late with the post but I called. I told all of you that March was an insanely crazy month for birthday's in our family. Not to mention I have an entire post with pictures of Kaitlins party!

Welp Matt This one is for you I hope you had a wonderful birthday sorry we could not be with you this year. Jackson seems to think Texas is keeping you and Meagan his words not mine. I just hope that you have a wonderful year with lots of fun and that we get see you again before you are 29 :) ! You are a great Bro-in-law a favorite of mine!!!!

Love ya Your favorite first Sis-in-law I know you have more now but I can only be the first right!

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring!

Today is the first day of spring Jackson played outside a lot and I pretty much stayed in because I am just plain tired! BUT!!! Google had the most awesome googles this week I didn't get the idea of making the copy of it till today so I didn't get the St. Patrick's Day one. I have some pics from that day too that I just have to upload and get on here so soon to come more pictures of Jackson in his green and tatoo :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The invites are made woo hoo!

Not much to say other than that. Everything is booked! Jackson is sooo excited it is pretty much the theme of conversation everything is centered around HIS party lol!!!


It's official today Jeremy started his new job! I didn't want to blog about it until his first day, mainly because I wanted to make sure it actually happened. Jeremy is working for US Davis at the Mondavi Center for the performing art. Those of you who know Jeremy should know he is a huge performing arts fan who also likes being part of the action to. He said the job must have truly been God sent because it is so perfect and the best of both worlds. One down side to it is the commute. I am not complaining about it and neither is Jeremy so we must not be too worried about it lol. I wish it was closer yes but the job has its perks I am sure. First being that the job pays for its gas money so that is a huge deal and one of the reasons why I am not worried about it. I also know the Lord's hand his on Jeremy and we have already discussed if he gets too tired he can stay with his Sister Sarah for a night in Sacramento.

We asked Jackson what he thought of this and he said WOO HOO my BIRFDAY PARRRTY. Oh and that we can play games at the fair. LOL the funny things that stick in a 4 year olds head. He also said Daddy is working at the movie theater lol. Jeremy explained that it was a theater so that is what he went to. He said that means Daddy can take him to the movies lol. WOW kids

So the plans for Jacksons birthday have been started the request for Chuck E Cheese has been made by Jackson so i believe his party is on the 4th of April when I get the invites done I will be mailing them and emailing them and I am sure posting them on here. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks everyone for all the prayers they were much needed I am sure Jeremy will be telling us a lot about his new job! Love you all

Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Bev & Steven & Dr Suess

Like a said before March is a HUGE birthday month for our family. Grandma Bev celebrated her birthday at Sizzler. She wanted steak and lobster and she knew they had to there :) We had a great time with our family and took some photos too. Oh and Yes Jackson signed his name again in the card but I totally forgot to take a picture of it. We had a great time though.

Steven is my cousin's son and he shares the same birthday as Grandma Bev So this week has been Jam packed with celebrations. For Steven's birthday we went to Mountain Mikes and had Pizza. Jackson ran around and played video games with his 4 cousins. We had a alot of fun.

Steven, Taylor, Ethan, Jackson & Max

Steven and his new summer clothes

Jackson & Max (check out how much he has changed)

Also the week before Jackson celebrated Dr. Suess' Birthday. All day long we read Dr. Suess and Jackson wore his hat. We got the hat for free at a Dr. Suess' Birthday book reading they had a target. They gave out pencils, color pages, snacks and drinks. Jackson was thrilled that they let him keep that hat. Once again I forgot my camera but here he is in the hat!

Almond Blossom Festival

The Day that the Almond Blossom Festival was going on in Ripon was a very big day. We had a birthday party to go to Jackson got a hair cut. We had the normal things to do also plus Jeremy worked a booth there. So we got to walk around for a bit and I took a few pictures here and there. Here a few from that day. Jackson thinks we need spinners on our van. Uhhh I have a feeling this is not going to happen. We played 2 carnival games. The dime toss and the pingpong ball toss. Plus Alex sat still long enough so I could take a few pics of him in the clover. Jackson would not so this year we did not get any.

Can ya see it?

We have been going to a few birthday parties lately! So get ready for some posts. Jackson was invited to a party and I decided lets see if he can sign his name in the card. Not just scribbles but his actual name Welllll... he can it took a bit yes and I had to right the letters on a peice of paper so he could copy it, but he did it. He was soooo excited that he did it that he made me get the camera so he could show everyone!

OHHH and Jackson got these in his goody bag he thinks they are really funny!!!.


Just had to post this picture Julie, Kaitlin and Nathan bought this for Jackson for Christmas and I never got a chance to show everyone. Jackson runs around the house like a crazy man screaming "SUPER JACKSON"

Nathan turns 4

I totally forgot to mention in February my godson/cousin turned 4. Nathan and Jackson and exactly are exactly 7 weeks apart. They are total opposites personality wise one is shy and one is outgoing but they love to play and hang out together. We had the extreme honor of getting to celebrate by eating Nathans favorite food Pizza and of course chocolate cake :) He picked the theme spider man. He even got the costume for his birthday from a friend. We got him a tint for his birthday, and he decided that he was going to sleep in it that night. As you can tell we had a lot of fun. Once again I still cant believe this child is 4 now too. Nathan also got to start coming to Sunday School in my class. He thought that was a very exciting gift too :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

February Has come an gone WOW!

February has had its ups and downs. So I am going to talk about the good things rather than the bad. Yes Jeremy's contract was ended after starting his new job. He is currently looking so everyone please keep us in our prayers. Its going to be a huge change for us.

Some good thing. Jackson had his first Valentines Day party at preschool. They decorated cookies and handed out Valentines. Jackson pics his out and "signed" each one. The first set we bought and loast were Mickey Mouse. He was not a happy camper that we had to go back to the store and buy new ones. He decided on Tigger and Pooh because they were out of the original set we had bought. He was just excited to get the marker in his hands and to sign one. He has been learning a lot of sight words also. He can read Yes, no, stop, zoo and frog. He isistes on reading those words in the book if he doesnt get to it is all over.

I am still the director/coordinator of preschool ministries at the church. I just got a new set of curriculum and have been orginizing that for this past week. I also picked out songs for the kids to sing for Palm Sunday. They are an official hit they love singing them over and over again. The each have a CD to take home and listen to it throughout the week. They all know the songs already so I don't have to worry about that now.

Things have been pretty busy as normal though. Jackson's birthday is at the end of March. I can not beleive he is going to be four. It doesn't seem that long ago that I was waiting for him to make his arrival. I wish I could freeze him and make him not grown anymore lol I know that may sound funny but hey its fun right now.

We all have been going to park a lot well when it has not been raining. I have started back to the gym once again and Jackson has a class on Wednesdays that does fun excersices with him. He is exhausted when he gets home it is so funny. He doesnt move the entire night and snores lol because he has so much fun there.

So that is pretty much the Month of Febrary in a little run down. Just pray for us and Jeremy to get a job very soon like yesterday :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Month away from Blogging

Hello everyone. Things have been a bit busy around here can ya tell lol... I have been sick on and off sense Christmas. It has either been the flu or a cold so I have been using any spare time to lay on the couch. Things have been going really well other than that. We enjoyed our family so much through the holidays and we miss them so much. Jackson has been enjoy every minute of his Christmas gifts and seems to not even know what one is his favorite. He does enjoy his hand held v-smile a lot though. It has saved us on office visits and things like that a lot better than a color book becauce he believes after one page he should be able to run around.

Jackson has a new teacher now Miss Jaimie he loves her so much he even talks about going to school every day. Yesterday he got to go to school and then spend the rest of the day with Grandma Donna and Aunt Sarah. He was beyond thrilled!!!

I have been working on AVON and doing Sunday School thing. I am currently trying to figure out what the kids are going to be singing on Palm Sunday and how the Easter Egg Hunt and party are going to go over. We dont have a lot of helpers but it is going up and up each semester so that is good news. I love working with the children and it is so fun to see them learn about God and actually remember and understand week to week! Jeremy started a new job and has been having a lot more home time. It has been so nice to actually know that Jeremy will be home by 6 every night. Its sort of shocking. I can have dinner ready and know he will be here to enjoy it. Jackson has been having a daddy time every night such as his bed time story. His latest favorite books are Curious George. If we could read the entire book every night he would. Yes he will sit through 50 pages every night if he could. I do believe Jeremy is enjoying it too. I

ok welp I better get going have some AVON to deliver and lots of laundry :O)