Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

(Jackson's first time seeing Santa)

Coming soon with pictures and the full story but I wanted to let you all know I will be blogging about it. . Jackson has asked about 20 times already when we are going to Nana and Papas to eat and open gifts. We are also going to My Dads in Livermore and Jeremy's Grandparent who live about a block and half away THANK GOD for small worlds and grandparents moving so close together it used to be Clovis and then Manteca then Livermore. We will be leaving the house around 12:30. Pray for our safe travels and we pray for all of yours too. May you all have a fun Christmas this year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sarah Graduated Today!

Whelp another huge goal in the Hannon Family has been made! My sister-in-law Sarah graduated from College today. It is so amazing to see how she has accomplished the past few year. I am so proud to call her my sister!!! Jackson was very proud of his Aunt Sarah also. He even picked out he leis and said "She need the big purple one not the what ucky one!" Too bad he didn't understand the whole thing so he looked over at me and said "I'm just going to go down there and see her." Yes we were in Arco Arena and Yes it was a HUGE group of people and my 3 year old started to trot and bounce done the stairs. Jeremy and I caught him a few time. He also was not happy with the guard that would not let him bring in his PB& J Sandwich and lunch pail in. No outside food or drinks you know. But they can sell popcorn and he noticed that as we were leaving. Life is so hard as a 3 year old not being able to eat at every moment and move around when you want to. I was so glad that it was not very long and he was not tortured too bad. :) After we went to dinner and had some family time. We are so proud of Sarah and her accomplishments she has made and we wish her all the best in her steps into the huge world of finally not having school any more. CONGRATS SARAH

(pictures to come very soon they are currently on the camera still) Hey I did blog though :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a few favorite shots from last week

Had to post this really cute pictures I took last week!!!

Christmas Portraits of Jackson

My baby is no longer a baby he is now official a little boy who is sooo handsome with his own wonderful personality. The sailor suit is from his Auntie AHAH (Andrea) and Uncle Josh. The pose is because I had the same picture taken when i was that age with a sailor dress I am going to be giving them as Christmas gift. I am free to say who they belong to because the likelyhood of them actually getting a Computer and seeing this is uhh IMPOSSIBLE lol. :)


Jeremy got a new job last week. He will be starting the week after Christmas. SURPRISE!!!! I know not too many of you knew was looking but it was something on his heart. He will be having a lot less work for more pay and it is only 4 miles farther away. He will be in Stockton now and sorry I dont know the name of the company. He will be a program annalist. Sorry I can't explain anymore but I am sure you all can look that up if you don't know what it is. HEHE Cause I really don't know how to explain it exactly. Just keep him in your prayers that he will be so much more happier and less stressful. Also pray that this is the way the Lord wants us to go!!!

A TRUE Star is born!

Its official everyone Jackson is not shy by any means he is totally not afraid to stand in front of 200 people and sing his heart out and if you turn of the mic he will just go and find another one. My son is soooo hilarious he had everyone rolling in the aisle with laughed during our church production of A King is Coming to Town. The song they were sing was calling King of the Jungle. They were suppose to being dancing and sing like animals well my son took it literally for sure and decided to do it own thing. Everyone thought it was part of the play lol. After their song we brought them down the stage in a line and Pastor Scott called Jackson up to talk with him. He said you didnt get a chance to talk here ya go. Jackson said HI EVERYONE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I ran up there and got him and he high fived everyone while going back up the aisle. The play turned out well and we are soooo glad it is over because it means we get our Sunday afternoons back for rest and family time.

YIKE whats going on I missed Thankgiving!

YES we are still alive and YES we did celebrate Thanksgiving and took a lot of pictures yet getting to a computer for a long enough time to actually blog has not been happening for quite some time. Jackson was sick and then I was sick and then I decided to stay sick for a good amount of time. YET me slowing down did not happen until I could not see out of one of my eyes so figured out how to pin me down hehe. Thanksgiving went so very well. We had a great time with all of our family. Tiffany had the baby the next day it was a BOY. They named him Maximus Alexander Eaves. We are going to be calling him Max a huge name for such a little baby. :) So here is a picture moment from Thanksgiving and from Max being born! Also my Mother-in-law Donna made some cookies with Jackson the other day he is a pro!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rainy Days

Today is the day before thanksgiving WOW this year has went by so unbelievable fast so far. This year it has been raining ALL DAY LONG!!! Whelp that means Jackson must ware his raincoat and boots. Who says you need to stay in and stay warm. When you have rain boots you can splash without getting your socks wet. So He ran and ran and grabbed the umbrella I was using and ran some more. I am rather damp but he sure isn't.

I know I have not blogged all month. It has been beyond busy and we have tried to spend all of our free time doing family things and that doesn't include the computer. We have had a lot of fun though and sometimes just staying at home and not going anywhere means a lot more than having plans. Jackson also had a Thanksgiving feast this year at preschool he sang and danced and the recited Psalms 100. Then they got to eat just like it rally was Thanksgiving Day . Jackson thinks that his Indian head dress is a chicken hat FUNNY stuff. We laughed at him when he says wheres my chicken hat, but as you can tell by the pictures it really does look like a chicken hat when you think of it.

Thanksgiving not only is a great time to spend time with your family and friends but it also give you a lot to thank the Lord for. I am so Thankful this year to have a family that even though there have been a lot of sickness surrounding it and some trials that we all get to spend time together and love each other. The Lord has blessed us with healing this year by showing us that putting our faith in him that nothing what the doctors says miracles can happen. Uncle Steve is literally living proof of that. Also seeing my grandfathers faith build as he is getting sick. He has started coming to church with us and it is just an amazing and great thing to see him each Sunday also to hear what he has got from being there and from the sermon. Being with family is a huge thing this year just to have those family members close by our sides and spending some much needed time together. Plus I know I have not told you this one. On Saturday we are going to have another member. My cousin Steven and his wife are expecting their 4th yeah thats right 4th child. We don't know what Tiff is having but we cant wait to see the little person that is soon to come into the world. There will be 5 great grandchild to run and chase and tickle this Christmas.

I have a lot on my plate it seems even more as things go on. So if don't make it to every little thing. I am soo sorry . I sometimes seem antisocial because of my responsibilities at home. I'm really not I just have a lot to take care of and deal with. Just keep at me and eventually I will be around or drop by my house hehe I am usually here doing something. Welp I am sure I will have a ton more pics starting on Sunday to post this beacuse I know that on Friday and Saturday we are going to be having Thanksgiving again and SHOPPING WOO HOO. So if I dont say it then Happy Thanksgiving to your family from our family ohh and as Jackson would say GOBBLE GOBBLE THANK YOU GOD for all of you!!!

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween & Super Hero Mystery Night

This year Jackson wanted to be Buzz lightyear HE LOVED IT. He quoted lines from the movie and begged the wear the costume a week before hand. He even asked to sleep in the costume the night he actually got to put all the gear on. We first went and visited Tootmom (great-grandmother) Aunt Dot and then to Nana and Papas. After that we went to the church for Super Hero Mystery Night where we got 2 bags full of candy and Jackson bounced in a bounce house for hours. It was a great and we all had lots of fun!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

NO I am not totally crazy!!! YES that is 4 kids carving pumpkins!!! YES Thank GOD for friends that stick with me while doing so. So this year we have another pumpkin carving night before Halloween. Not really a planned occasion but it got the job done. Why do I always forget and put it off ummm lets see pumpkin guts and kids usually equals a gross mess of slime for me to clean up. So I wrapped my dining room table in plastic and went for it. James and Dana brough Alex over too so that he could carve his first pumpkin as you can tell by the pictures the ewwwww face had the words ewwww in for sure. Stephanie and Samantha were also over while Jeremy and the girl's mom Melissa were at practice for Sunday we carved 4 pumpkins that turned out pretty good I would have to say. I am the one who usually cutes peices that arnt suppose to be cut out but no accident this year WOO HOO!!!! Jackson once again loved it and wanted a" TRIANGLE" face JACKSON-O-LANTERN!!! Yeah I know what they are really called but he said he wasnt Jack he is Jackson. He also insited on getting the guts out himself. He did a good job this year too. Oh and the good thing about the plastic is you wrap it up all in one swoop and toss it in the trash. Remembering this for next year if it is raining and we cant do it outside.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cornerstone Preschool Parade of Animals

Jackson's preschool had a parade of animals this year for is harvest party. It was soooo cute to see all the children dressed in all their animal costumes. They also had a bounce house, carnival games that gave out some candy but lots of little fun toys like play dough and kazoos, and a little party time in the class room. Jackson is still talking about it and says that preschool should be like that every day. Jackson also keeps talking about one of his teachers Miss Jaimie dressed up as Minnie Mouse. He thought was extra special because he went as Mickey. This was his costume from last year and it still fit so it was great to be able to put put it to use this year the best $15 I have spent on a comstume yet I would have to say. It turned out so great and Jeremy got to be part of the fun too. He took off a week because he has not had any time off in a LONG time so he has got to be a part of this week.

Once again with the colleges because I once again have been photo happy :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


On October 31st our church is having its 2nd annual Super Hero Mystery Night. All the kids get to meet all the super heroes and get the autographs. Also there are tons of games and bounce houses and fun things to watch and like plays and skits. This is a picture from last year Jackson with Captain America! Everyone is welcome to come. It is $1 as a donation to the cause! If you can not afford it you are still more than welcome!!!! OH and did I mention TONS of Candy. So if you are having any questions to the trick or treating safety come and get candy here :) Take care and hope to see you there.

A BIG Reason

Some of you may wonder why I am so crazy for constantly getting myself into things at church. In these pictures you will see just a few reasons I have allowed myself to be so insanely busy. These are just a few of or future preachers, doctors, teachers, church board members, etc. By me starting here and planting that small little seed about Christ in their hearts I have made a huge diffrence in their lives. No I am not saying these children will be instant successes because of me nor am I saying that they will always follow the right path. What I am saying though is that by me teaching them about Christ and what he can do in our lives I can make sure they know what path to come back to. Children at this age have such great faith and they would be willing to take that walk on water with Jesus and Peter with NO questions asked. They wouldn't look back either! Every answer to any question is Jesus or God. Not just because a lot of the time it is, but because they truly believe that is the answer. They believe by us just simply praying and laying our hands on a person they should instantly be able to get up and be well not a question. They say it can be done because Jesuse and God. dont you wish all of our faith was soooo profound! They have that faith that could do anything. That is why not matter how big or small a problem we have I always have them pray for it. There non-fleeting faith just lets them take that step out there.

In the picture you can see our Rainbow class they painted with pudding this last week!!! They are such a great group of boys and girls and they have TONS of fun on Wednesday Nights!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


On Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch. We had lots of visitors with us also. My Dad, Grannie Scott and Auntie Rhonda went with us. Then the next group of people that went along were the Biglers and the Hintons. Yep we are crazy tons of people tons of kids all running wild. It would have been wonderful but we thought we were going to blown to pieces. We still had a great time. No pumpkin buying yet but I am sure we will very soon. Jackson thinks he wants a $40 one but we all know that is NOT going to happen :)!!!! Jackson is very excited that it is fall he has been saying what happens during fall and what we can do. Oh and me being the photo happy person I am has taken over 100 photos and that is deleting the ones that with eyes closed and not smiling. Also I found a new trick while uploading Picasa3 can you tell I have been having some fun with it. Oh and a plus side anyone who wants a copy of the collages can have one just click on it and print WOO HOO!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Just 2 of many!



I think these are my 2 favorites of the trip from a photography stand point. I know they dont show his cute smile but I love the angles, lines and colors :)
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Visitors from San Diego


We had some very special visitors this weekend. My best friend Andrea, her husband Josh and my beautiful godchilden were here. We have not been able to see eachother for a year so it is was soooo much fun getting to play games once the kiddos were asleep and settled. We got to visit and actually see eachother in person instead of talking via web camera. As you can tell by the pictures Jackson was excited to be able to play with Mackenzie on the computer. They played so well and Jackson is already asking for her and Rylan to come back. We went on a trip to the pumpkin patch and had fun there also but that is another blog because of all the pictures :) I'm so glad they get to come back in December too!!!
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Friday, October 10, 2008

WOW getting COLD

So normally in Manteca, CA it is still warm and sunny out MAN the weather change has been HUGE this year. Not complaining at all dont mind it but I was sort of shocked that the footy PJs have had to be let out of the storage bins so early in the season WOW!!!! Just a note.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Taylor

Four days ago I was checking my myspace and there was a bulletin from a friend of mine named Gina. She and I have talked through the past 3 years we have had our little Marchmallow Babies on our message board we are both members of. In the bulletin I was totally blown away and shocked by the news of her daughter Taylor having cancer. Tears came to my eyes just thinking of this little girl I have viewed pictures of and heard stories about her wit and humor. We have been there watching these children from all over the country grow and thrive and we have talked through many of a funny store on our board. This has been such a blessing to have these women in my life even though sometimes we don't always have the times to update on our day to day life. We or should I say I never think of the possibility of the word cancer ever coming up in a conversation we have with a child you know. Gina and her husband found this news out on Friday and have sense already started the process of Chemo and other treatments. I am just putting this out here to say to keep Taylor and her family (they have 2 other children) in your prayers and thoughts. Also I am putting a link to the journal of this beautiful little girl so that you guys if you are interested can see the outcome. So far she has been doing great!!!! I pray the Lords hand stays on her and her days stay going so well!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

PG&E Needs a total attitude change grrr!

This weekend went really well. James and Dana went with us also and had dinner with us child free time PLUS not getting woke up in the middle of the night by Mom was a huge change of pace. I learned a ton at the conference and actually cant wait to use some of the skills and ideas I got. Also bought a few books there too. I also heard a very GREAT musician Jared Anderson if you look him up he is a great!!!!

ANYWAY today is Tuesday usually my day to take Jackson to Preschool spend some time out of the house and get some things done without taking a child with me WRONG!!!! Did not happen. According to PG&E supposedly sent me a letter saying that they were going to shut the electricity off from the time 9-2 Umm yeah didn't get that letter. I saw a ton of trucks piled or should I saw slammed packed into our court while I was about to drive Jackson to school. I stopped and asked them if they were going to be shutting the electricity off and they said yes I then asked for how long. They said well according to the letter 9-2 I said what letter they said the one we sent see. I said I didn't get it but please wait while I got Mom situated "HELLO she is on oxygen that is connected to the wall she is sleeping in a bed that is connected to the wall and uhhh and on a machine that helps he sleep YES CONNECTED TO THE WALL. I fixed her all up and then hopped into the car and drove home. I did some things that I needed to get done and by 10 I was home. Then she said she was stuck in bed. ACK she had forgot she couldn't get out of bed with the foot of her bed up. I got her out of bed and then it was time to go get Jackson from school and lunch I didn't want to open the fridge because I had no real idea what time they were going to be done! I had her set up in her wheelchair as we drive by these men are laying on the grass and relaxing WHAT THE HECK. Still after we get back from picking Jackson up from school and getting lunch still the same thing. By this time we had went through 2 small tanks of oxygen and it was 1pm. My friend Dana went out there and asked them how long it will be from now and they say uhhh maybe till 4-5 or maybe 6 WHAT are you kidding me. Not that it was hot or anything outside but was getting mighty warm in my moms room. ALSO she was is a lot I mean a lot of pain. These men had not consideration of that even after me saying something to them. They took a good 2 hour lunch and they were just sitting in a hole up to his waste yeah we watched he wasn't doing anything and they guys on the side lines were pretty much picking there butts and scratching while looking at this guy in a hole. My mom was actually considering going to the hospital. We were about to call the ambulance to come and get her I know I don't put it out there that she is that sick but yes I was HIGHLY IRRITATED. TAKE THAT BACK MAD!!!! I am not a complainer I am pretty easy going. If this would have been a accident or an unplanned thing we would have figured something out. I am sure we would have actually taken her to the hospital but they said 2 not 4. I know I know I have no choice but to deal with them unless I want to become Amish, but wouldn't it be oh so nice to be able to just quit PG&E. They are my highest bill yet I have no control over it either because in order for my mother to BREATHE she must have machines to assist her! OK now that I got that out!!!!

In other news this week is pretty mellow Well should I say mellow for me :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Coming Weekend

This weekend will be the first one night stay away from Jackson. You would think oh it will be a romantic get away but not really lol ;) Being in leadership at church sometimes means expanding our horizons and by needing to do this means going to conferences. The church invited me to go the Connect Conference in Sacramento, CA. Knowing that driving back for two days will equal the same as a hotel stay and a lot less sleep we have opted to go to stay over night there. WOW huh. The classes I am going to be sitting in on sound so exciting I can't wait to learn new things for the preschool ministries and put them into practice. They sound fun and exciting also one of them is called Jesus Votes for Pro Playtime. Me too as I am teaching and they are learning about Jesus so I thought it would be fun to learn some new teaching idea.

So everyone keep us in your prayers that we will have an exciting time that will teach us new and fun ideas for the kids. Also please pray for Jackson because this will be the first time we have ever been away from him for so long. ALSO ONCE AGAIN I KNOW LOTS OF PRAYERS Pray for mom... She needs the most prayer her strength is not the best and she has some issues staying on her own.

WISH US LUCK and I hope Jeremy and I will will have a few minutes of free time alone :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Kinda Mother

Today was a good day today actually went off without a hitch other than me running out of gas before going to Bible study me having to fill it up on my own and then still making it to Bible study on time before 9:10 that alone felt a full day of actions that could happen today. I even ran meds to a friend today while running errands so when I got the note online from Chanel to take a walk at the park I was VERY happy to just walk and chat it up. Yes we all know we really just wanted to chat it up but why not walk while the kids are playing in the playground. McKayla was watching Jackson and it wasn't even the first time she had done this so I was more than relaxed to leave Jackson in her care while we were literally walking around the same park as they were playing in. Jackson had come up to us a few time wanting to walk with us and then shortly walked and then decided to run back and play with McKayla and Mikey. So had no idea that while were walking Jackson decided once again to walk with us without us knowing and without McKayla knowing we had no idea. So we had no idea when we stopped and ask McKayla where Jackson was she said with you we said UHHH no. (in my mind thinking HOLY CRAP WHERE DID HE GO OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY SON MY ONLY CHILD OH NO OH NO I DON'T KNOW ANYONE HERE HOLY CRAP) Having an inside heart attack literally when suddenly we say ohh there he is with this lady attached to him. When we yell his name this lady holding on to my son begins to rant at me and says what kind of mother are you to leave your son behind you. When I finally get him near me she is still screaming and ranting at me from the middle of the park. I tell her thank you and she said you better be. Excuse me hello did you see the relief in my thank yous then she begins to tell other people at the park about how heroic she is and what she did and what an awful parent I am. Yeah it took all I had not to say well if you would have let him go he would have come to us oh and by the way you telling him that the person in front of him was not his mother didn't help either. But I bit my tongue I just stood there and shook my head when I wanted to shake the heck out of the nosey loud mouth woman. I do believe as Chanel told me that I was the talk of her dinner table but goodness can't someone make one mistake. I don't blame McKayla yes I know as Chanel is reading this she is shaking her head and saying yes you should but still it was an honest mistake she is young and she is still learning. I am just glad that nothing bad other than that ranting Betty happened. I never thought that a stranger could ever make me feel like such a lousey mother. This is my job I am a Mom I do this daily without isident and she made me feel like scum like I should be turned into the police or something. I understand when you have helped someone yes but when someone is truly worried and concerned and it was mistake why would you ever toss it into someones face. Well at least I got a walk out of it and a chit chat with Chanel :) We will have to do it again minus the loss of Jackson. Speaking of Jackson see he survived and see what he is doing now OH SORRY WORRIED ABOUT TODAY :)


Well I know I am late with this but I have pictures :)!!!

Jeremy turned 31 last Thursday September 18th :) He had been joking around saying on his 31st he wanted to have a BB Ice Cream Cake sooo we got one for him. And for good measure my Dad got him the Wii fit HILARIOUS had to take the picture Sorry Jeremy I had to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU!

Monkeys, Zebras and Giraffes OH MY

On September 13th we went to the Oakland Zoo. No it wasn't the first time we had ever went to the zoo but it was the first BIG zoo we went to. We needed to go to Oakland to pick up Jeremy's aunt anyway so it made a wonder excuse to make the trek to Oakland. Jeremy's Mom, Dad and Sister Sarah went with us so we had a pretty nice group size! We got there around 1pm and had a great time. Jackson loved every moment of it and the only time we had a bit of a fuss was when he had to leave the giraffes, and when he wanted to ride one more ride.

The best quote ever from this trip is "Mama we Gunna take that giraffe home?" Me "What?" "Not the big one Mama the wittle one juuuust the wittle one!"

He loved the giraffes we are still talking about them. He says we need to go back and see them! I did get a lot of shots of the they were great at posing for the camera :P

He is also still talking about the Elephants he said NOOOO we can't take one of those home they are waaaaay too big ":) I would have to agree I don't like cleaning up messes from our 7 pound dog I could only imagine the mess from a elephant YUCK

It turned out to be a great day and we honestly can't wait to go again. I am thinking of maybe a fall trip there! Anyone wanna have fun at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to have a birthday dinner for Jeremy sorry no pics of that. We were all soooo tired that the only pics that were taken were by Jackson and those are on my sis-in-laws camera someday I will get them lol :)

Hope you guys like the pictures!
(oh side note the explaination for Jackson forehead! He ran into a friend at school and piffed it on the carpet giving him a pretty rug burn!" Its pretty much all gone now)


Things have been a bit busy around here. So I have not been able to blog as much as I would like. Soon to come... Pics from the Oakland Zoo. Oh and Jeremy's 31st birthday. Bible study has started for me we are studying the life of Moses. So far all I have read or learned about is that his mother hid him for three months and then built a water proof basic to place him in so he could be found by the Pharaohs daughter in the Nile. BIG STUFF HUH!!! Not to mention that after he was found he was then raised by his own mother and the Pharaohs daughter paid her to do so. As you can tell God had some pretty big plans for him.

Also going on MOPS has started. I have become a table leader. Yes Renee wrangled me into it. I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for me in this group this year. I have met a great group of ladies and can't wait to meet the rest of them throughout the year.

Oh and did I mention I am working with the Rainbow group at church!!!! SHHHH don't tell me I am crazy I already know this information.

I know I have a boring life. Maybe it doesn't seem so boring to me because I am living it and I am constantly going and moving. I know I am not the most exciting person on the block I don't think I ever have been. I hope it does count that I am a Bible toting, Preschooler Mom who loves the Lord and when it all comes down to it I am most likely the least stuck up person you will ever meet. I would also like to say I am pretty dang nice :) (pat on the back) OK off I go to my Bible Study!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Just thought I would post this pic. I am getting ready for the ministry fair at church and my idea was to take pictures of everyone in these funny glasses for the get a clue theme. They actually all wanted to try on the glasses and be a part of the photos that will be on the table! If ya want to see more come to the Ministry Fair At Cornerstone on Sunday :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Color the Skies

Today was an extremely long but fun day. We went to color the skies, it is a fundraiser for children hospital where they have hot air balloons, a breakfast and booths with other fun things to do. The main part was to go see the balloons though. It is so amazing to see them so close and get to have the full experience with such a beautiful event. Jackson LOVED it also. Yes getting him there before 6:00 a.m. was not a fun task but he really did enjoy the entire event. The only way to describe it is to show you through pictures! Also another tradition we went to Perko's after and had breakfast. It is so much fun to have family days like this.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jackson's First Day of Preschool

Jackson very first day of preschool was today. He is going to Cornerstone Christian Preschool. It is actually located at our church so it is nothing really new to the location and it seem to have worked out really nicely. He is officially on a bed time schedule I know SHOCKER!!! He goes to bed at 9:00 and we have to be at the school by 8:30. Jackson was very excited he had been asking for 3 weeks when he was going to start. We walked in video camera not working of course me clicking a camera like a mad person :)! His teacher greeted him with a hug and first things first they all wash there hands as soon as they get there. His teachers name is Miss Jaimie who is also the director of the school. They first sign there name in the sign in book each week to start the learning of writing there name Jackson wrote the J but Miss Cheryl helped him with the rest. Then it was time to leave my baby (WAHHHHH) I didn't cry yes I was hesitant, but know that Jackson will do so well here and have a great time so I gave him a hug and kiss and then Jeremy did that same and we walk into the hall. I went and ran some errands and Jeremy went to work. 5 hours later WOW i know I went and picked him up. Miss Jaime said he did really well! WOO HOO!!! He did say he was sooooo exhausted around 11:40 during story time and laid there reading books after that (WOW he sat still and stayed there for that long) . He was exhausted though he didnt want to do anything but go home. He taked about painting and the pears at lunch and how he wanted to go back tomorrow and play :) They said he can count to 28 on his own (HUH WHAT) and he can also identify about 12 letters on the board (UHH WHAT again) I didnt think he could do either of those. They have put him in the pre-K class with about 2 other 3 year old and the rest are 4 so he will be learning more letters and numbers throughout the year. Jaimie said he has such a great personality with such a great willingness to learn and help if another child is sad. She said he is soooo funny with some of things he says too. He questioned her about every little new thing he saw in the classroom too. I am sooo glad he likes preschool and has not put a fight up for getting up and going in the morning. I can't wait to see what he is going to learn and show us at home!