Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

(Jackson's first time seeing Santa)

Coming soon with pictures and the full story but I wanted to let you all know I will be blogging about it. . Jackson has asked about 20 times already when we are going to Nana and Papas to eat and open gifts. We are also going to My Dads in Livermore and Jeremy's Grandparent who live about a block and half away THANK GOD for small worlds and grandparents moving so close together it used to be Clovis and then Manteca then Livermore. We will be leaving the house around 12:30. Pray for our safe travels and we pray for all of yours too. May you all have a fun Christmas this year!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sarah Graduated Today!

Whelp another huge goal in the Hannon Family has been made! My sister-in-law Sarah graduated from College today. It is so amazing to see how she has accomplished the past few year. I am so proud to call her my sister!!! Jackson was very proud of his Aunt Sarah also. He even picked out he leis and said "She need the big purple one not the what ucky one!" Too bad he didn't understand the whole thing so he looked over at me and said "I'm just going to go down there and see her." Yes we were in Arco Arena and Yes it was a HUGE group of people and my 3 year old started to trot and bounce done the stairs. Jeremy and I caught him a few time. He also was not happy with the guard that would not let him bring in his PB& J Sandwich and lunch pail in. No outside food or drinks you know. But they can sell popcorn and he noticed that as we were leaving. Life is so hard as a 3 year old not being able to eat at every moment and move around when you want to. I was so glad that it was not very long and he was not tortured too bad. :) After we went to dinner and had some family time. We are so proud of Sarah and her accomplishments she has made and we wish her all the best in her steps into the huge world of finally not having school any more. CONGRATS SARAH

(pictures to come very soon they are currently on the camera still) Hey I did blog though :)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a few favorite shots from last week

Had to post this really cute pictures I took last week!!!

Christmas Portraits of Jackson

My baby is no longer a baby he is now official a little boy who is sooo handsome with his own wonderful personality. The sailor suit is from his Auntie AHAH (Andrea) and Uncle Josh. The pose is because I had the same picture taken when i was that age with a sailor dress I am going to be giving them as Christmas gift. I am free to say who they belong to because the likelyhood of them actually getting a Computer and seeing this is uhh IMPOSSIBLE lol. :)


Jeremy got a new job last week. He will be starting the week after Christmas. SURPRISE!!!! I know not too many of you knew was looking but it was something on his heart. He will be having a lot less work for more pay and it is only 4 miles farther away. He will be in Stockton now and sorry I dont know the name of the company. He will be a program annalist. Sorry I can't explain anymore but I am sure you all can look that up if you don't know what it is. HEHE Cause I really don't know how to explain it exactly. Just keep him in your prayers that he will be so much more happier and less stressful. Also pray that this is the way the Lord wants us to go!!!

A TRUE Star is born!

Its official everyone Jackson is not shy by any means he is totally not afraid to stand in front of 200 people and sing his heart out and if you turn of the mic he will just go and find another one. My son is soooo hilarious he had everyone rolling in the aisle with laughed during our church production of A King is Coming to Town. The song they were sing was calling King of the Jungle. They were suppose to being dancing and sing like animals well my son took it literally for sure and decided to do it own thing. Everyone thought it was part of the play lol. After their song we brought them down the stage in a line and Pastor Scott called Jackson up to talk with him. He said you didnt get a chance to talk here ya go. Jackson said HI EVERYONE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I ran up there and got him and he high fived everyone while going back up the aisle. The play turned out well and we are soooo glad it is over because it means we get our Sunday afternoons back for rest and family time.

YIKE whats going on I missed Thankgiving!

YES we are still alive and YES we did celebrate Thanksgiving and took a lot of pictures yet getting to a computer for a long enough time to actually blog has not been happening for quite some time. Jackson was sick and then I was sick and then I decided to stay sick for a good amount of time. YET me slowing down did not happen until I could not see out of one of my eyes so figured out how to pin me down hehe. Thanksgiving went so very well. We had a great time with all of our family. Tiffany had the baby the next day it was a BOY. They named him Maximus Alexander Eaves. We are going to be calling him Max a huge name for such a little baby. :) So here is a picture moment from Thanksgiving and from Max being born! Also my Mother-in-law Donna made some cookies with Jackson the other day he is a pro!