Saturday, August 07, 2010

Busy Life!!! Cheryl's Wedding Day!

I am sitting here exhausted!! Really the days have been flying by like mad and if you were to look at my calendar you would see that I have no time but to run around like a crazy insane person. Things are booked back to back and if you are one of my facebook friend you would see the list I have to accomplish each day.

I have so much to blog that I am going to take a day next week to post pictures and share with you exactly what we have been doing in the Hannon Family.

Jackson is going like a weed he is growing so fast that people say from week to week that he has got more tall and I want to make the madness stop. He has lost 2 teeth this summer. One of his fears has been concord and now he is excited to see more come out. He said "not too fast though." He starts Kindergarten on August 17th. I am sniffing and he is excited he is thrilled to have Miss Jaimie as his teacher and he can't wait to learn to read.

Jeremy is STILL burning himself out and working 3 jobs. He has finally started the hire on process at Bank of America. I personally can't wait to have insurance again!!! Jeremy's latest job/hobby is being on a radio show with Dave Diamond. Its a local talk show if you google it you can sometime here Jeremy on there. He has also been offered a tech show on Saturdays he is currently trying to name so far he likes Byte Wars. Me not so much I think he is going instead get a ton of vampire fans disappointed that they are not exsploring twilight or Anne Rice novels.

Mom is doing great she servived Disneyland and is already planning the next trip. Yes you totally read that right she wants to go again! She is doing PT 2 times a week still. She is still making progress on everything, including going new places and being will to try and see new things. STILL can not get her near the beach lol but she loves just about anything else.

Well.... Enough of that... I actually started to post today because I wanted to lead up to my cousin Cheryl's wedding. YEP Cheryl and Jason will be getting marred today.

Cheryl you have come so far this last year you have allowed God to guide you in not that most CHERYL LIKE direction and you have waited on His signs to place you where you need to be. I am so glad Brandi led you to Jason and today I am going to see you walk down the aisle. You have walked through fire to get to the place where you are now and I am so happy to see joy in your eyes each day. I love you so much and I wish you and Jason the very best. You also have brought a wonderful extension to our family in Jason and his boys. I can't wait to call them family :)