Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Coming Weekend

This weekend will be the first one night stay away from Jackson. You would think oh it will be a romantic get away but not really lol ;) Being in leadership at church sometimes means expanding our horizons and by needing to do this means going to conferences. The church invited me to go the Connect Conference in Sacramento, CA. Knowing that driving back for two days will equal the same as a hotel stay and a lot less sleep we have opted to go to stay over night there. WOW huh. The classes I am going to be sitting in on sound so exciting I can't wait to learn new things for the preschool ministries and put them into practice. They sound fun and exciting also one of them is called Jesus Votes for Pro Playtime. Me too as I am teaching and they are learning about Jesus so I thought it would be fun to learn some new teaching idea.

So everyone keep us in your prayers that we will have an exciting time that will teach us new and fun ideas for the kids. Also please pray for Jackson because this will be the first time we have ever been away from him for so long. ALSO ONCE AGAIN I KNOW LOTS OF PRAYERS Pray for mom... She needs the most prayer her strength is not the best and she has some issues staying on her own.

WISH US LUCK and I hope Jeremy and I will will have a few minutes of free time alone :)


Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Kinda Mother

Today was a good day today actually went off without a hitch other than me running out of gas before going to Bible study me having to fill it up on my own and then still making it to Bible study on time before 9:10 that alone felt a full day of actions that could happen today. I even ran meds to a friend today while running errands so when I got the note online from Chanel to take a walk at the park I was VERY happy to just walk and chat it up. Yes we all know we really just wanted to chat it up but why not walk while the kids are playing in the playground. McKayla was watching Jackson and it wasn't even the first time she had done this so I was more than relaxed to leave Jackson in her care while we were literally walking around the same park as they were playing in. Jackson had come up to us a few time wanting to walk with us and then shortly walked and then decided to run back and play with McKayla and Mikey. So had no idea that while were walking Jackson decided once again to walk with us without us knowing and without McKayla knowing we had no idea. So we had no idea when we stopped and ask McKayla where Jackson was she said with you we said UHHH no. (in my mind thinking HOLY CRAP WHERE DID HE GO OH MY GOD WHERE IS MY SON MY ONLY CHILD OH NO OH NO I DON'T KNOW ANYONE HERE HOLY CRAP) Having an inside heart attack literally when suddenly we say ohh there he is with this lady attached to him. When we yell his name this lady holding on to my son begins to rant at me and says what kind of mother are you to leave your son behind you. When I finally get him near me she is still screaming and ranting at me from the middle of the park. I tell her thank you and she said you better be. Excuse me hello did you see the relief in my thank yous then she begins to tell other people at the park about how heroic she is and what she did and what an awful parent I am. Yeah it took all I had not to say well if you would have let him go he would have come to us oh and by the way you telling him that the person in front of him was not his mother didn't help either. But I bit my tongue I just stood there and shook my head when I wanted to shake the heck out of the nosey loud mouth woman. I do believe as Chanel told me that I was the talk of her dinner table but goodness can't someone make one mistake. I don't blame McKayla yes I know as Chanel is reading this she is shaking her head and saying yes you should but still it was an honest mistake she is young and she is still learning. I am just glad that nothing bad other than that ranting Betty happened. I never thought that a stranger could ever make me feel like such a lousey mother. This is my job I am a Mom I do this daily without isident and she made me feel like scum like I should be turned into the police or something. I understand when you have helped someone yes but when someone is truly worried and concerned and it was mistake why would you ever toss it into someones face. Well at least I got a walk out of it and a chit chat with Chanel :) We will have to do it again minus the loss of Jackson. Speaking of Jackson see he survived and see what he is doing now OH SORRY WORRIED ABOUT TODAY :)


Well I know I am late with this but I have pictures :)!!!

Jeremy turned 31 last Thursday September 18th :) He had been joking around saying on his 31st he wanted to have a BB Ice Cream Cake sooo we got one for him. And for good measure my Dad got him the Wii fit HILARIOUS had to take the picture Sorry Jeremy I had to. HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU!

Monkeys, Zebras and Giraffes OH MY

On September 13th we went to the Oakland Zoo. No it wasn't the first time we had ever went to the zoo but it was the first BIG zoo we went to. We needed to go to Oakland to pick up Jeremy's aunt anyway so it made a wonder excuse to make the trek to Oakland. Jeremy's Mom, Dad and Sister Sarah went with us so we had a pretty nice group size! We got there around 1pm and had a great time. Jackson loved every moment of it and the only time we had a bit of a fuss was when he had to leave the giraffes, and when he wanted to ride one more ride.

The best quote ever from this trip is "Mama we Gunna take that giraffe home?" Me "What?" "Not the big one Mama the wittle one juuuust the wittle one!"

He loved the giraffes we are still talking about them. He says we need to go back and see them! I did get a lot of shots of the they were great at posing for the camera :P

He is also still talking about the Elephants he said NOOOO we can't take one of those home they are waaaaay too big ":) I would have to agree I don't like cleaning up messes from our 7 pound dog I could only imagine the mess from a elephant YUCK

It turned out to be a great day and we honestly can't wait to go again. I am thinking of maybe a fall trip there! Anyone wanna have fun at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to have a birthday dinner for Jeremy sorry no pics of that. We were all soooo tired that the only pics that were taken were by Jackson and those are on my sis-in-laws camera someday I will get them lol :)

Hope you guys like the pictures!
(oh side note the explaination for Jackson forehead! He ran into a friend at school and piffed it on the carpet giving him a pretty rug burn!" Its pretty much all gone now)


Things have been a bit busy around here. So I have not been able to blog as much as I would like. Soon to come... Pics from the Oakland Zoo. Oh and Jeremy's 31st birthday. Bible study has started for me we are studying the life of Moses. So far all I have read or learned about is that his mother hid him for three months and then built a water proof basic to place him in so he could be found by the Pharaohs daughter in the Nile. BIG STUFF HUH!!! Not to mention that after he was found he was then raised by his own mother and the Pharaohs daughter paid her to do so. As you can tell God had some pretty big plans for him.

Also going on MOPS has started. I have become a table leader. Yes Renee wrangled me into it. I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for me in this group this year. I have met a great group of ladies and can't wait to meet the rest of them throughout the year.

Oh and did I mention I am working with the Rainbow group at church!!!! SHHHH don't tell me I am crazy I already know this information.

I know I have a boring life. Maybe it doesn't seem so boring to me because I am living it and I am constantly going and moving. I know I am not the most exciting person on the block I don't think I ever have been. I hope it does count that I am a Bible toting, Preschooler Mom who loves the Lord and when it all comes down to it I am most likely the least stuck up person you will ever meet. I would also like to say I am pretty dang nice :) (pat on the back) OK off I go to my Bible Study!!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Just thought I would post this pic. I am getting ready for the ministry fair at church and my idea was to take pictures of everyone in these funny glasses for the get a clue theme. They actually all wanted to try on the glasses and be a part of the photos that will be on the table! If ya want to see more come to the Ministry Fair At Cornerstone on Sunday :)