Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things That Just Take You Back In Time.

Hello everyone I know it has been a good week sense I blogged. Yes I am still alive. We have just been super busy! I have been doing a lot of housework plus I have been watching two extra children sooo we have been doing things with them and just enjoying the warmth and hanging outside in the back yard. So to get back to what this blog is REALLY about!

Don't you love it how something so simple can take you back to your childhood? I love it because my great grandmother remembers that I LOVE fried green tomatoes and her canned peaches. So on my birthday last week she game me two jars of canned peaches. MMM they are were awesome they only lasted a week in this house because Jackson loves them too. I was happier with those than the money in the card ! :) Really I mean it they are that good. I am unbelievably grateful that my 96 year old grandmother remembers something so small and remembers that every summer that is what I would eat every day for breakfast.

A lot of things have been doing this to me lately though. Like certain songs will come up and they remind me of friends in high school. That Channel #5 or white diamonds reminds me of the smell of my mom when she used to go off to work. It is just simple amazing how just a smell or a song can make you so happy or even just want to tear up (in a good way)! Just the simple things like the exhaust of an old cars reminds me of my Papa Tony or even his hair stuff that he would use ever day. I could never sleep on his pillow because the smell was so strong. That the reading of a scripture of eating McDonald's fries reminds me of my Papa Scott.

When it comes to friends I have a ton also. I am not even going to get started on that. You all know our inside jokes and things we used to do and listen to they probably take you back every time you see or smell something. All I know is that the song the Shake makes me laugh and smile and I cant ever look at a John Mellencamp CD without cracking up because the guys tried everything to get that thing not to play I am sure smashing it worked but other things also. (love ya! and miss you too)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I fill up the kiddie pool yesterday and my son decided to fill up hole with water. Of course this made mud TONS of mud. He put it on his head he tossed it at the fence. SO after spraying him down HE HE HE! He still wanted to get into the mud again! BOYS!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Birthday Blog

Twenty-eight years ago today I was born WOW HUH!!!

Today was a pretty busy day also. I woke up to Jackson yelling I'm HUNGRY. Then to Jeremy asking for a towel. Then Mom saying Happy Birthday. Most of the beginning of the day was pretty normal. I did have a TON of myspace Happy Birthdays. (thank you all by the way) Then some wonderful news that my friends David and Chanel saying they are moving here to Manteca and got a house!!! (SUPER EXCITED) Then my sis-in-law called and invited me to lunch!!! Elephant Bar WOO HOO!!!

After running after Jackson to get him dressed we first went to Toot-moms and got peaches I will have to do another blog on that and then off to Ripon to pick Sarah up. We met Jeremy at the Elephant Bar where he had an appetizer and flowers waiting! We ate artichoke dip, Chicken and Veggie stir fry and CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD CAKE YUM!

After we got home I filled up the kiddie pool for the kiddos to swim in while my friend Melissa and I hung out and chatted. OH and we ordered Pizza OH a wonderful day of no cooking once again. I love those days!!!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and Hopes to see Many Many more birthdays :)


This weekend was HUGE I mean really truly HUGE I look back and wonder why in the world am I so tired and I say OHHH Huge weekend.

It all started on Friday night. James, Dana, Melissa, and Melissa's girls all went to cosmic bowling from Midnight-two. WOW I know but it was ohhh so fun. Jackson stayed with mom and was sleeping the entire night away while we were bowling our hearts out. Minus a few glitches such as them playing slow songs RANDOM slow songs and changing the channel in the middle of slow songs we had lots of fun. Dana won the first game to everyone's shock LOL she was even shocked then I let James win. Yes I let him win we are going to keep him thinking that :) Then I won with the TONS of strikes and spairs :) I was finally warmed up hehe and the only one to break 100. It was so much fun and I can not wait to do it again. It was only $10 a person too so a great price for a night of fun. Oh and sorry James and Jeremy for leaving you in the parking lot but Dana and I were tired of the tech talk!!!

The next day Jackson and I went to see everyone in Livermore. We had breakfast there and got to see my cousin Becca for the first time in a year. She is 10 now WOW here and Jackson are born on the same day of the year 7 years apart. Becca used to call Jackson her twin. I know I know far from twins but it is nice to know that they love eachother. While we were there Auntie Rhonda game me scrapbook paper for my birthday and some pictures that are super VERY special and now I must go shopping for a few frames THANK YOU AUNTIE RHONDA! After that Jackson had a pillow fight with Dad.

The next day was Sunday we went to church and then after that we went to lunch with the church sorry forgot the camera. (like this post isnt full of pictures already?) After that we had a small party for Sarah and my birthday Technically it was Sarah's 24th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! You are one of my 2 favorite sisters in the whole wide world!!!! We opened gifts and had a BR's ice cream cake YUMMY with yes lots of candles and of course candles that relight!!!

After the festivities we went to funworks where we went on go-carts, then putt putt golf then go carts again and then Sarah, Jeremy and Jackson went in tubes!!! It was a ton of fun and Sarah and I took some funny pictures :)

Hope you guys enjoyed all the slide shows!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Should Get an A+ Mommy Award

After a few months well I should say a year or so Jackson has been begging for this car at Walmart. It is a power wheels and I figured sense Jackson had been driving all of his buddies cars he was ready to drive one of his own. We had been saving up for a looong time so I drove my grandfathers truck there to pick one out. There was NO WAY it would fit in the van. Of course they didn't have the one he had been wanting but he was willing to settle for the blue and orange Jeep that was on the top. I was sorta worried that no one would be able to put the huge thing together. Jeremy is not a master of assembling things as I have said a few times and I didn't want it to be half way put together. So we asked the lady if it took very long to put it together and she told us that all you had to do is put the battery in and the wheels I said Oh I am sure Jeremy could do that (ha ha ha). So I look and there are NONE left either I start pulling boxes out and finally see one. To my wonderful surprise I see one on clearance for uhh $150 off the listed price the box was beat up and it had been open but nothing else was missing or anything and it verified on the box that nothing had been taken out of the box SOOO we got it. Two weeks later and we still have a box in our garage and Jackson begging to drive a car. So me thinking that the wheels only needed to be put on it I dragged the box into the house and opened it up. When I opened it I see HOLY COW. It was in tons pieces 54 screws and did I say in a TONS of pieces. So I scratched my head thought about it and start separating pieces looking at directions and actually said "it's worth a try" 38 steps later and 20 stickers added. I MADE A CAR WOW HUH. It took me about 2 hours and I actually did it all by myself with a 3 year old crawling all over my back CRAZY HUH!!!!! So Officially I should get an A+ Mommy award for this one :) The battery is still charging (SEE I REALLY DID READ THE DIRECTIONS) It has to charge for 18 hours the first time. Just take a look at the picture though hehe I am soooo proud of myself (nothing like giving yourself a pat on the back)! Oh how do I get it out of the Family Room OHH and the house LOL



WOW finally Jeremy had a night off. Here is basically what Jackson and Jeremy did for the night. They watched the trailer for Wall-e a few times and then they played Wii for a short time. But Oh it was nice to see him for a few hours or rather than him going straight to bed :) It wasn't for very long but it was some thing nice for the both of us. Plus I got to clean the kitchen without Jackson under my feet!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Some people have been asking me why I like to watch Big Brother from different countries all I have to do is play these 2 videos and then they understand why I laugh so much while watching it LOL. COOOOKIE POWER LOL

Just Hilarious or should i say HIRARIOUS

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

LOL Something Funny Just Because

The 4th of July

After finally feeling better from the root canal I am able to post again with what we did on July 4th. I was still feeling the whole pain in the tooth thing so I was not my peppy conversationalist as I normally am :) HEHE But we did get to do some traditions that we try to do every year. This year we started a new tradition though, we went to the Manteca Pancake Breakfast before the parade. It was really yummy we also got to visit with my cousin Julie and her children Kaitlin and Nathan. Kaitlin is in her first year of Girl Scouts. So she got to have the honor of walking in the parade.
After breakfast we went to the parade. It was really nice this year it was not too hot not too windy perfect weather. We met up with Melissa and her two girls Samantha and Stephanie and had a good time seeing the children in awe of the parade and the people in it. A Manteca tradition is at the end the parade is that the firemen hook hoses up to the fire hydrants and spray water up into the air. Jackson got a true kick out of the whole thing and was upset when he saw it was over and he didn't get to get went. Honestly he really didn't need to it was too cool to get too wet.

After the parade the church was having a picnic. We went there for about an hour and half. We visited and let the kids play and have fun I pretty much laid on a blanket because I felt like crud but Jackson was having fun with his friends. I sat and laid and talked to some friends from church. After that was a good 3 hour nap. I literally sat down on the couch and instantly fell asleep.

After the nap was dinner and fireworks in Ripon. We then had smores after that. As soon as I get the pics from that I will post them. Jackson now this marshmallows mean smores he says "bring on the chocolate."

The day went really well for the most part other than me being sick But FEELING BETTER WOO HOO!!! Well until tomorrow when they are going to work on it again. BLAH. I will try to post some more this week. Sense everyone is pretty much out of town I want to keep ya all updated.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last night I had a really bad night. My tooth started hurting and I started to panic. I really did not like our last dentist and I started looking up some information on the website we have through the insurance. I thought Oh this is a lady maybe she will be more gentile then the last guy that I went to. I called in bright and early in the morning and got an appointment and she said to be there fifteen minutes early for paperwork. THANK GOD because it was really starting to hurt. Did I forget to tell you I HATE the dentist I am a huge baby about it. Why is it I can go into labor, have surgery, brake bones, even when I was in that really bad car accident when I was pregnant with Jackson I didn't cry yet going to the dentists makes me go into a frantic state. Well anyway I get there at 11:45 on the dot get writers cramp from filling out the paper work and get called in to sit in the chair. The nurse finds out where the tooth hurts and then does x-rays right in the chair I was already in, WOW it came up on the computer screen very cool very high tech. He comes in oh did I forget to mention the website is wrong and it is a man (not a huge deal)and says UH yeah that is a huge hole in your tooth when did it start hurting I said "umm truly last night" he then explains that I need a root canal AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Instantly my heart begins pounding I begin grabbing the arms of the chair and my mind clicks to call Nana and say I am not going to be right back to get Jackson. I call her and she says no problem (by this time like she actually has a choice but I wanted to keep her in the loop) and I say OHHH I hope it doesn't hurt like last time. Last time the guy told me ohh well you will just have to bear through it. After my panic mode is a little over the dentist comes in. He rubs my gum with some stuff and says OHH wow this is infected. Then I see his gloves. LATEX ACK AGAIN allergic. I inform him once again and he changes his gloves. BUMMER too late he had given me a shot with them so that is one messed up location. He begins to drill and I say UHHHH HURTS he says are you sure I said YEP he give me another 2 shots and then begins once again. TEARS went flying. I CRIED WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. He stops.. touches me on the shoulder and I say OK I am sooooo nervous soooo upset let me get this over with the nurse gives me a Kleenex and I calm down and we begin again. It went really well for the most part I couldn't feel my top part of my face for a few hours and now I hurt but that is because of the infection and the JACKED UP location from the latex. I am on a huge dose of meds 4 times a day and pain killers that I really can't take without someone being here because I have a three year old that runs around like a crazy man but it will be OK if I can sleep tonight. All I have to say is ROOT CANALS SUCK. I still hate the dentist. I will survive but I guess it is suppose to hurt for a good 3 days. The fastest $500 I have ever spent in my life! FUN STUFF! I hope everyone is doing well and has a very wonderful and SAFE July 4th. REMEMBER DONT DRINK AND DRIVE OUT THERE. You all have my number I am sure and I am just a call away. Oh and keep my mouth in your prayers :)

Aunts & Uncle :) FUN TIMES!

Like I said before Matt and Meagan were in town for a few days. We got to visit, play Wii, but I do believe watching my Sisters jumping in a mini pool with my son was the funnest thing to watch and take pictures of. Meagan was the first to start it out and after playing hide and seek puppy style for a while then Sarah came out to join the fun. When Matt got home from his trip of getting pizzas he had to get in a few of the shots too. Then it was time to drive to town as Jackson would say. As you can tell Jackson was the driver and was taking them around town. Oh did I forget they had to go fishing also and camp out.

OH I miss all three of these people when they are off to their own places. Sarah has been around a lot for the past few months and I am starting to get used to it again WAHHHHHH. I know I know being grown ups mean separation. Meaning emails and conversations via internet and waving into a camera. :) Growing up as an only child it has brought so much fun and meaningful times to have 2 sisters and a brother that I can call my very own. I love just hanging out with all of them.

Oh just for Meagan Jackson has to watch this at least once a day now!