Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water Park

Jackson's favorite place to go on a hot day is the water park. You have to love the free entry and the even better part that you can sit with you Mops friends while the children run wild and have fun. I personally like getting out out of the house and seeing friends and getting some adult talk!!!

Pine Wood Derby

So Saturday June 21st was the pine wood derby at our church. I had never been to one (I know deprived as a child :)) For those of you who do no know what a pine wood derby is, it is a small car race. The cars are made by the people racing the cars out of a small block of wood. They are judged by what they look like and how fast they go. They are placed on a track to race and find out who the winner is. I had no idea what to expect and how creative these cars can get from just a block of wood. I had no idea you could buy kits and construct them instead of starting from scratch with that block of wood either. Well not too bad for a very first try. As I have said a few time Jeremy had been working REALLY bad hours and his paint job was how should I say VERY hmmm trying to be nice here drippy and lumpy. So I took it over to my Papa and he sanded it out and fixed all the issues I had no idea how to fix it by myself is a day (next year I will have it done way before the day before riiiight). Jackson requested a Mini Van. I know I know not arrow dynamic by any means but that is what he wanted so we let the three year old have his way. Papa chose the color cause he thought it looked slick because of the cross was going to be gold. We entered it into 2 races one being the commander race, being oh did I mention Jeremy is a commander and for the little ones race being Jackson is too small to be in royal rangers. Can you believe it actually got 2nd place in the commanders race and 4th in the little ones race. So Not bad for our very first time doing anything like this. OK the lighting was bad so I am so very sorry for the cruddy pics.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Very Simple Reason

Hello everyone. I know I know I promised pictures of the pine wood derby. HONESTLY the lighting stunk. Not a whole lot to share it was fun and everyone had a good time so that is all that matters in the end. This weekend was a little bit exhausting. Mom is sick and I have been having to help her a lot and the weather and the air conditions from the fires are not helping her at all. So if you guys could all say a prayer for her it would be great. I wish she would start feeling at least a little better so her mood will be better and maybe a little happier and less cranky.

OK so the reason for the post in the first place had a theme. Basically the simple truth is to show you one simple reason WHY we should support our troops. This is my best friend Andrea and her husband Josh and my beautiful godchildren. (I'm not partial or anything:)) I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH! Josh is in the United States Navy and is currently on deployment for 6 months. Our troops are not just the ones that are in Iraq. Our troops are all of our Military staff. The ones that stick to the every day task of protecting our country in general. I believe that even not during war time we should hold these people high and dear to our hearts because they do put it out there for us. They do step into out place to protect and to serve for us. They don't know every single person in our country but that is exactly what they are doing. So when it comes down to it yes war stinks yes we don't have to believe or agree in the war but we should support and stand by our soldiers and be there for them at any given time. We should hold them up with the utmost respect! We should shake their hands and give the a pat on the back because they are doing a job that is so great! ALSO we should also thank the wives, husbands and the families of these soldiers we should give them a hug and help them in any way that we can. They have gave their family member to us to help support our country. They miss their family member so much when they go away and it is HARD to support a family by yourself. When you are a wife or husband of a soldier it is a lot of the time being like a single parent. You have to set for a stable home life, teach your children about God and his way, and basically do all of the things in the house so its a full time job also. Not to mention everything else that goes along with everyday life such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. PLUS if you have to live away from your family WOW I know that I personally would be an emotion wreck. So with the 4th of July being right around the corner. Don't forget to thank our military members and their family for all the hard work they do for us and the scarifies they have put up for us. Be willing to sign up for those buy a few items for a box to send to soldier and feel good that you are doing just a little part in helping them feel appreciated, wanted and loved. Oh and maybe volunteer to baby sit for a wife or husband that doesn't have their soldier there. Because getting away from the kids does help us be better moms and dads because we get to step back and take care of us even if it is just getting an hour for some me time. Or even volunteer to spend time at a veterans they are some of the reason why our country is so great right now. Oh and if you don't like our country then move out of it. Simple and true. No one is keeping you here :)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our AMERICAN TROOPS!!!!

I LOVE YOU JOSH AND ANDREA and I miss you guys sooooooo MUCH ((((HUGS))))

Friday, June 20, 2008

May Be a Hobby But I Love It!

Photography has been a hobby or should I say a passion for eleven years! Wow amazing huh? I am learning more and new things with my camera and editing software more and more each and everyday. I promised a few photos for everyone to see so here are a few older pictures from this year. I cant really choose one style of photography that I enjoy looking at. I do love taking portraits though.

Honestly I have learned to appreciate the art of photography I love going to museum and seeing ideas and peoples views on their subjects may it be a portrait or an abstract. I search and view blogs and websites of wedding pictures and family poses. I am glad to share what I have learned and may it be something with my actual camera or even different software.

I love documenting my life through photography. If you saw all the scrapbooks in the house you would see that. I love taking pictures of special moments that you sometimes cant get on video and just can be remembered because you had a camera just sitting there. As you may tell Jackson is a lot my photos right now because well sometimes you don't have a lot of subjects. I think he is a pretty cute subject thought!!! I Hope you guys enjoy it.

You Gotta Have It MAMA

You truly have to love when your three year old screams at the top of his lungs and says "HURRY COME IN HURRY HURRY!" I of course bolt for the family room from the back room and there he is standing in front of the T.V. I say what is wrong he says "OHH Momma you really need one of those!" HUH what "You really need a PAM CAKE MAKER. " I look at the screen and it is one of those only on T.V. commercial about this pancake maker that names them look like dough nut holes.pancake makers GOT TO LOVE that huh. I ask him why do I need that. He says "To make me those yummy Pam cakes silly." Oh the joys to be three and want everything and anything you see on T.V. No I am not ordering it but I can only imagine that it will not work as easy as it says it will. I bet they will stick to the pan and then toss batter everywhere. But its a nice thought that he thinks I need every gadget for the kitchen :)

On a side note. Jeremy has been working till 2 a.m. every day this week BLAH and he will be working every day this weekend so if anyone has any fun ideas let me know because I am in for a boring weekend at home. We just might go to the water park or something. Oops take that back water park and the weekend really dont mix. We tried that one day last year and I ended up stepping on glass because there were so many people there the maintenance people had not had the chance to clean up after everyone. Why can't people just pick up their stuff after eating or breaking something in a park. It would make it so that everyone can enjoy it later also. PLUS can you read the NO GLASS BOTTLE sign?

I should be getting some pics up pretty soon on here a have a lot on the camera but you know me I usually have almost 300 pictures before deciding to load them up.

Mom and I are going to watch the day time Emmys Hmmm.... I do believe I have become a hermit the past few weeks. With mom being sick I have to stay close to home. Well at least 30 minutes or so away. We have been going to my Dads or we have also been to Ripon a few times. Just nothing really super exciting.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK So with all the reruns on I have a new found addiction. Big Brother is huge hit between my Mom and I and so I have been on different update sites well this one started post Big Brother Australia and and Big Brother UK. OK it is official. Big Brother USA has some stepping up to do and should take on a few ideas from these people. It is soooo funny and so good at some of the tasks they have had them do. But if you do not know yet Big Brother USA starts on July 13th. Hmmmm I wonder what they are going to do this time. I hope they don't do the whole couple thing over again it is getting old. BB UK did not have a couple in till this year and they are on their 9th season. Something also completely different in both of the other countries is they have DAILY shows so they don't try to fit 4 days into one day. HINT HINT less reruns more show! The info we have so far is that there are going to be 13 house guests and finally more versatility in personalities and ages. Believe it or not that actually is what makes it interesting :)

So the site I have been going to is I wish I could thank these guys daily for posting both shows it is a lot of work because they are not in the same format as USA. Also they are sometimes 5-10 youtubes long. Thanks officially on here even though you might never see it. They also plan on doing recaps on the USA show to I have no idea how they do it.

OK off I go to my addiction :)


What can I say. I don't have much of a life really. To simply put it my occupation entails many rolls beyond wife and stay at home mom. I am 27 almost 28 and I live in a small town in CA. I take care of my mom full time so I stay home a lot taking care of her. She has COPD and Secondary lung disease and many things that go a long with it I have learned how to operate many contraptions that I must say I have become a pro at. I also am the preschool ministries coordinator at our church YES WOW. Oh and did I mention I also sell AVON. Now have you figured out that the stay at home part is not really staying at home. Jeremy and I have been married for 6.5 years and we have a son named Jackson. I still cant believe he is 3 and is growing every second. He will be starting preschool in August. Don't worry only 2 days a week. Both of those days I will be at the church while he is in class. It is at the same location and maybe I will be able to make a few grocery shopping trips without the grabby hands wanting everything on the shelf. I am sad that he is growing so fast. I know it is a every day life thing but I wish I could freeze time in so that we could just play all day forever.

OK so the reason for the blog is to get something down in print that I might remember some key points in my life and also let everyone know that even though I dont call every day that I am still alive and I have been getting something done other than laundry and cleaning. BLAH.

I can honestly say that is the worse part of being the stay at home MOM and WIFE is the cleaning every second of the day and the laundry piling up around my ears. I sometimes wish I could just stay in bed or even go to the spa and get a pedicure. Should I tell you it has been 3 yes 3 years sense I have had a pedicure done by someone else other than myself. HINT HINT people that buy presents for my for my birthday!!!

So the plans this week are

1. Pinewood Dirby races on Saturday- The Royal ranges are sponcering this at our church. i am sure I will get a bunch of pics in too. Jeremy and Jackson designed a car that looks like a mini van via Jackson's request :)

2. Sunday School (as usual)

3. Visit with family in Ripon. My Bro-in-law and Sis-in-law are going to be here from Texas for a few days before going to LA.

So I am hoping to post some more on here a little more :) Take care all and GOD BLESS