Thursday, August 25, 2011

I know I know

I am not going to promise I am going to update soon ANY LONGER :) Its officially a jinx! Things have been going well though :) I guess you can tell because I have not had the time to sit and actually type something longer than an email. Here is a short update though!

I am now instead of teaching Sundays for preschool I am teaching the Kindergarten kids! It is such a joy and it gives them a stable teacher every week and makes sure they learn even more about Jesus. I am still taking care of mom. Also I am taking care of Alexis! Did I mention I am helping a TON at Jackson's new school, Great Valley Academy. It is the charter school here in town that believes that a child should not only learn but they should be in a safe loving and cared for environment in a place where the teachers insist on a Hug hand shake or high-5 before coming or entering. Where the kids skip or walk through the halls and even more better I think Jackson will do AWESOME there. They don't skip over him because he is doing well and they allow him to learn extra or if you have a child that needs the extra help they make sure they don't move on without them. It has been a blessing to many families in the community and I am so grateful. It was a huge deal for us not to send Jackson to a private Christian school. So our job now even more so than before is make sure he has that extra Bible time and leadership. Also I have put myself in the circle of parent volenteer workers so that I know what is also surrounding him. MEANWHILE we/ Jackson goes to church every Sunday, Royal Rangers on Wednesdays and believe it or not we have stepped it up at home too. We want to raise a Christian leader and still keep up with his education all at the same time.

Well... if you have not figured this out yet Jackson is 6 years old now and is in 1st grade he is doing awesome! He is reading, that amazes me... He is not only reading at a high level and is loving it :) He can add, subtract and tell ya anything about science that you could ever want to know. He is amazed by engineering especially reverse engineering as he says if you can take it apart and show him how it works he LOVES it. IF you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he says... He wants to be a bowling ball salesmen and have an online store on the week days, on Saturdays he would like to be a spy and on Sundays he wants to be the a pastor just like his pastor Pastor Scott. He says "I want to teach people about Jesus." I asked him if he was going to have a wife and he said "Yes and 4 kids. They will see him at night but on the weekends he is going to be busy."

He is bowling now and doing pretty well at it he doesnt hardly touch the bumpers any more yet it doesnt give him a high score. I told him when he is out of Pee-wee league he will be happy because he wont have bumpers any more. He is also starting today going to Taekwondo. It is available through the church that his school campus is on. They not only do the Taekwondo lesson they also a christian teacher that has them have memory verses with their tests. HA HA seeee I told you I would find a way for him to get that extra scripture in there :)

ALSO Jackson and Jeremy both are going to be in Willy Wonka. Our church just started a performing arts program that is offered to everyone in town. Their first production is going to be Willy Wonka and Jackson because you had to be in 3rd grade and up is going to be a squirrel, HEAD SQUIRREL might I add he will actually have more movement other than passing a nut back and forth. Jackson did insist on trying out though and the director said by next year he is going to be the star. She wants him to love theater and thinks 2 hour practices 3 times a week will be a bit much on a 6 year old. He does really well with the oompa loompa movements though. Jeremy is going to be playing Mr Salt if you don't know who that is that is Verrucas father the little girl who wants everything NOW :). Its going to be a great show!

Jeremy has been blessed at Bank of America still and is doing really well there. He enjoys it and also is challenged there. He also enjoys not having to drive every day! He is working every Monday from home and takes the train instead of driving.

OK welp that is my short update. Hope everyone is doing well out there and take care! See ya in about another 6-12 months heheh!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome 2011

I guess we can add Weight Watchers to my many things to do in a week. I am fat and I CAN help it :) So we are back to the grind of things and getting healthy. Well at least I am and the only food entering this house is going to be in there well until I get some wheel power. I sat here for an hour thinking of if I was going to tell the blog world about this or if I was suddenly going to toss is out there after I reached a goal. Well dang it I reached a goal. I walked through the doors of the Weight Watchers and I stood accountable and got my weight NO I am not going to toss that out there but I can tell you I did not gain all 70 back from the last time WOOO HOOO!! So sense life has now became a little normal I can get back on it. OH and another goal for this year is to go back to Disneyland in November and Mom is going to be there so we are all working towards some goals here.

OK some fun stuff now.... Jackson has started pee wee bowling and he is on a team with Nathan called the strikers. I think it is awesome that they came up with their own name and everything! He is doing really well and loves every moment of it. I plan on posting some new photos VERY soon also. New Camera YEEEE. OK world Happy New year even though it took me 21 days to say it!