Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohh the 4 year old funnies

Sometimes life is just funny. Sometimes you have to laugh even though you know you shouldn't also. One day last week Jackson got in trouble at school. We have been working on this yes and he has stayed green on his ticker for about 2 weeks now and that is awesome. Well last Wednesday the teacher comes to the door and whispers to me that Jackson got a orange ticker but she wanted to explain this on. A little boy was saying he wears diapers. Jackson said no I dont and said this about 4-5 times. Well finally Jackson had enough of this conversation and pulled his pants down in front of the class and said "SEE I WEAR UNDERS" Well the teacher had to do something and understand but when I left the class and everyone else I told the story to has laughed. NOOO I didn't laugh in front of Jackson, but I did laugh. When I had Jackson explain the story to me he said "that boy is just preposterous!" Who is this child and who has taught him these words lol :) So now i not only go over the way we make good choices for day and listen to teacher, I also have to say and please keep your pants up in class ;)

Melissa and Kris got married

Last Saturday on September 19th I had the honor of being Melissa's maid of honor. We trucked it to Tahoe and actually got a weekend away. No child. (Uhhh yah I missed him. I am so happy for Melissa and Kris and so glad they found each other. I pray that each day end with a kiss and a smile and wakes up the same! Also may you keep the Lord in your lives to guide you through the rough times and even the happy ones too!! PS Melissa you are now SeptoMom :P They have seven children combined. This must be true love right :) Love you both!

We celebrated Jeremy's Birthday also :) Happy Birthday honey I know I said it then too I love you so much and I am so glad you were born. I thank the Lord for putting you in my life and I you also to what you have brought to my life!

Here are some pics from the weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today is the day

This is the first time I have seen my Mom out of the hospital sense April 26th only did she get to go outside today for an hour and a half and spend that time with Jackson BUT she also took 24 steps on the parallel bars. They a thinking maybe the end of October she might get out! WOW from before Christmas to before Halloween crazy stuff huh. PRAISE THE LORD and THANK GOD FOR SOME GOOD! We really needed good.
Did I mention I have a new Hair color. Oh and on the way to see Mom Jackson yelled "MAMA CHECK IT OUT I FOUND A 4 IN MY PRETZEL BAG!!!"

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jackson's First Day Of Jr K

Jackson started Jr Kindergarten on August 18th! He absolutely loves it and he is learning how to right some new letters. He has learned F, E, & D. He is so excited to write. He just doesnt like all the questions such as... "Hey Jackson you learned the letter F today?

Jackson: Yes
Me: What starts with the letter F
Jackson: Well Mama I don't really care for this letter it is not very fun.
Me: you know fun starts with the letter F right?
Jackson: Yes But I don't care F F F F is for Fish and Friend and other F words

Hmm Ya think he gets it?

Also in the going ons. We had our first Birthday without Nana. We went and saw Mom and then we went to the Cemetery. It helped ot bring flowers to her. I guess I dont think Anything would work this year.

In other news Mom took her very first walk on the Parallel bars. From 3 steps with a walker to 15 on the bars AWESOME isn't!!!