Monday, May 31, 2010


May has been an insanely busy month. Really it is once again birthday central around here. My mom celebrated her 57th birthday I am so glad she was able to do this without being in the hospital. We also celebrated my Mom-in-laws birthday and my cousin Cheryl's birthday. Not to mention we also had Mothers Day.
Jackson LOVES to be onstage. He loves to sing and dance and the Mother's Day Tea was the perfect place for that.
After I we went to Papas house and Mom walked up stairs YEP you read that right she did it. No problem at all. I am so very proud of her for all of her hard work! This is proof she did it!While we were there a took some pics in front of Nana and Papas house. I am going to miss this place so much when they take it away to build a freeway. I have so many memories of this place. I grew up having Christmases here and every Friday night I would have a sleep over in the at the time GINORMOUS water bed. I remember playing on the bed with my grandmother. I remember being the garage with my Papa helping him sand old cars and getting dirty. I know it is just a inanimate object but it just pains me to think of them tearing it down. It is one of those places that has always stayed the same. It has always been a place of refuge for me and a place to go to just be calm and with family. I learned to roller skate in the drive way. I l have so many memories of this place that I can not name them all.
I am going to go back and take some more pictures before the time comes that they get rid of it. But I did take some good pic of Jackson on the fence! Oh how Nana would have loved to see him climbing this fence she would have loved to have seen us take these pictures. The reflection one was taken next to my grandfathers 48 Buick! Jackson says its his favorite!
I plan on doing a separate blog about Jackson's graduation, but that also happend!

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