Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things That Just Take You Back In Time.

Hello everyone I know it has been a good week sense I blogged. Yes I am still alive. We have just been super busy! I have been doing a lot of housework plus I have been watching two extra children sooo we have been doing things with them and just enjoying the warmth and hanging outside in the back yard. So to get back to what this blog is REALLY about!

Don't you love it how something so simple can take you back to your childhood? I love it because my great grandmother remembers that I LOVE fried green tomatoes and her canned peaches. So on my birthday last week she game me two jars of canned peaches. MMM they are were awesome they only lasted a week in this house because Jackson loves them too. I was happier with those than the money in the card ! :) Really I mean it they are that good. I am unbelievably grateful that my 96 year old grandmother remembers something so small and remembers that every summer that is what I would eat every day for breakfast.

A lot of things have been doing this to me lately though. Like certain songs will come up and they remind me of friends in high school. That Channel #5 or white diamonds reminds me of the smell of my mom when she used to go off to work. It is just simple amazing how just a smell or a song can make you so happy or even just want to tear up (in a good way)! Just the simple things like the exhaust of an old cars reminds me of my Papa Tony or even his hair stuff that he would use ever day. I could never sleep on his pillow because the smell was so strong. That the reading of a scripture of eating McDonald's fries reminds me of my Papa Scott.

When it comes to friends I have a ton also. I am not even going to get started on that. You all know our inside jokes and things we used to do and listen to they probably take you back every time you see or smell something. All I know is that the song the Shake makes me laugh and smile and I cant ever look at a John Mellencamp CD without cracking up because the guys tried everything to get that thing not to play I am sure smashing it worked but other things also. (love ya! and miss you too)


Katrina said...

Those canned peaches look good! =) You know what takes me back? Peanut butter and honey sandwiches!

thebiglers said...

everytime I hear the shake I want to start going nuts in the car and then remember the kids are with me LOL

thebiglers said...

Everytime I hear the song Shake I want to start doing it in the car, but then I remember that the kids are in the car and I can't...reading this blog tonight made me cry....I just said Goodbye to Lindsey and now I miss you even more.