Thursday, July 03, 2008


Last night I had a really bad night. My tooth started hurting and I started to panic. I really did not like our last dentist and I started looking up some information on the website we have through the insurance. I thought Oh this is a lady maybe she will be more gentile then the last guy that I went to. I called in bright and early in the morning and got an appointment and she said to be there fifteen minutes early for paperwork. THANK GOD because it was really starting to hurt. Did I forget to tell you I HATE the dentist I am a huge baby about it. Why is it I can go into labor, have surgery, brake bones, even when I was in that really bad car accident when I was pregnant with Jackson I didn't cry yet going to the dentists makes me go into a frantic state. Well anyway I get there at 11:45 on the dot get writers cramp from filling out the paper work and get called in to sit in the chair. The nurse finds out where the tooth hurts and then does x-rays right in the chair I was already in, WOW it came up on the computer screen very cool very high tech. He comes in oh did I forget to mention the website is wrong and it is a man (not a huge deal)and says UH yeah that is a huge hole in your tooth when did it start hurting I said "umm truly last night" he then explains that I need a root canal AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Instantly my heart begins pounding I begin grabbing the arms of the chair and my mind clicks to call Nana and say I am not going to be right back to get Jackson. I call her and she says no problem (by this time like she actually has a choice but I wanted to keep her in the loop) and I say OHHH I hope it doesn't hurt like last time. Last time the guy told me ohh well you will just have to bear through it. After my panic mode is a little over the dentist comes in. He rubs my gum with some stuff and says OHH wow this is infected. Then I see his gloves. LATEX ACK AGAIN allergic. I inform him once again and he changes his gloves. BUMMER too late he had given me a shot with them so that is one messed up location. He begins to drill and I say UHHHH HURTS he says are you sure I said YEP he give me another 2 shots and then begins once again. TEARS went flying. I CRIED WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. He stops.. touches me on the shoulder and I say OK I am sooooo nervous soooo upset let me get this over with the nurse gives me a Kleenex and I calm down and we begin again. It went really well for the most part I couldn't feel my top part of my face for a few hours and now I hurt but that is because of the infection and the JACKED UP location from the latex. I am on a huge dose of meds 4 times a day and pain killers that I really can't take without someone being here because I have a three year old that runs around like a crazy man but it will be OK if I can sleep tonight. All I have to say is ROOT CANALS SUCK. I still hate the dentist. I will survive but I guess it is suppose to hurt for a good 3 days. The fastest $500 I have ever spent in my life! FUN STUFF! I hope everyone is doing well and has a very wonderful and SAFE July 4th. REMEMBER DONT DRINK AND DRIVE OUT THERE. You all have my number I am sure and I am just a call away. Oh and keep my mouth in your prayers :)


Ann said...

I had a root canal when I was 4 months pregant. That was so much fun!!! I hope you feel better, and enjoy the meds and sleep while you can, cause us mommies need all the down time we can get.

chanelireli said...

I'm sorry, I hope you're feeling better. We're putting on offer on a house in Manteca today. Pray! Pray! Pray for us!

Anonymous said...

Oh that really stinks!! I hope you are feeling a little better. And are able to get some rest!