Thursday, August 07, 2008

I need to go to my happy place!!!

Behind me I am hearing fighting and fussing and cries. I am listening to MAMA ITS MINE!!! JACE STOOOOOOP. KAAALeb DOOOOO'NT. Dont get me wrong I love all three of these children yet for some reason I do believe I could lose mind right now. I also believe that they all three are tired. They have been playing just fine until now. Jackson loves for them to come over and he loves playing with them also. Jackson is going through the its mine phase I REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS PHASE. Right now as you can tell in this photo he is hiding under the table crying and fussing. Not a happy camper at all. He was also not happy about me taking his picture in general. I know I am mean but how often do you see a picture of Jackson not happy lol!

Happy August everyone. As you can all tell I have not had a chance to blog I have been so busy that finding time to check my email has become a task. Don't worry things should get more busy very soon I am sure.

Jackson starts school on August 19th first we will be going to to a meet and greet to see his class room and meet Miss Nancy for the very first time. Jackson is so excited to start school. Me I am a little nervous. I can not believe he is old enough to be in preschool. I sometimes still think of him as that little bald toothless man I fell in love with the moment I saw him. It amazes me that he is going to be going to school and learning new things and exsperence things even without me being around. I will be at the church most of the time he is there though. I am planning on getting organzied with preschool ministries and also to do some other work in the office. Also go to womens Bible Study. Oh and just maybe get some other stuff done :) Riiiight! We will be getting in our rut though so soon I will be able to blog again!

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