Thursday, July 03, 2008

Aunts & Uncle :) FUN TIMES!

Like I said before Matt and Meagan were in town for a few days. We got to visit, play Wii, but I do believe watching my Sisters jumping in a mini pool with my son was the funnest thing to watch and take pictures of. Meagan was the first to start it out and after playing hide and seek puppy style for a while then Sarah came out to join the fun. When Matt got home from his trip of getting pizzas he had to get in a few of the shots too. Then it was time to drive to town as Jackson would say. As you can tell Jackson was the driver and was taking them around town. Oh did I forget they had to go fishing also and camp out.

OH I miss all three of these people when they are off to their own places. Sarah has been around a lot for the past few months and I am starting to get used to it again WAHHHHHH. I know I know being grown ups mean separation. Meaning emails and conversations via internet and waving into a camera. :) Growing up as an only child it has brought so much fun and meaningful times to have 2 sisters and a brother that I can call my very own. I love just hanging out with all of them.

Oh just for Meagan Jackson has to watch this at least once a day now!

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m@ said...

We miss you too sis! I'm stoked that you started a blog -- one more way to keep in touch! Things are going well here -- busy, and just about to get REAL busy =) We're having fun though -- have a great 4th of July!!!!!