Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The 4th of July

After finally feeling better from the root canal I am able to post again with what we did on July 4th. I was still feeling the whole pain in the tooth thing so I was not my peppy conversationalist as I normally am :) HEHE But we did get to do some traditions that we try to do every year. This year we started a new tradition though, we went to the Manteca Pancake Breakfast before the parade. It was really yummy we also got to visit with my cousin Julie and her children Kaitlin and Nathan. Kaitlin is in her first year of Girl Scouts. So she got to have the honor of walking in the parade.
After breakfast we went to the parade. It was really nice this year it was not too hot not too windy perfect weather. We met up with Melissa and her two girls Samantha and Stephanie and had a good time seeing the children in awe of the parade and the people in it. A Manteca tradition is at the end the parade is that the firemen hook hoses up to the fire hydrants and spray water up into the air. Jackson got a true kick out of the whole thing and was upset when he saw it was over and he didn't get to get went. Honestly he really didn't need to it was too cool to get too wet.

After the parade the church was having a picnic. We went there for about an hour and half. We visited and let the kids play and have fun I pretty much laid on a blanket because I felt like crud but Jackson was having fun with his friends. I sat and laid and talked to some friends from church. After that was a good 3 hour nap. I literally sat down on the couch and instantly fell asleep.

After the nap was dinner and fireworks in Ripon. We then had smores after that. As soon as I get the pics from that I will post them. Jackson now this marshmallows mean smores he says "bring on the chocolate."

The day went really well for the most part other than me being sick But FEELING BETTER WOO HOO!!! Well until tomorrow when they are going to work on it again. BLAH. I will try to post some more this week. Sense everyone is pretty much out of town I want to keep ya all updated.

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