Monday, July 21, 2008

The Birthday Blog

Twenty-eight years ago today I was born WOW HUH!!!

Today was a pretty busy day also. I woke up to Jackson yelling I'm HUNGRY. Then to Jeremy asking for a towel. Then Mom saying Happy Birthday. Most of the beginning of the day was pretty normal. I did have a TON of myspace Happy Birthdays. (thank you all by the way) Then some wonderful news that my friends David and Chanel saying they are moving here to Manteca and got a house!!! (SUPER EXCITED) Then my sis-in-law called and invited me to lunch!!! Elephant Bar WOO HOO!!!

After running after Jackson to get him dressed we first went to Toot-moms and got peaches I will have to do another blog on that and then off to Ripon to pick Sarah up. We met Jeremy at the Elephant Bar where he had an appetizer and flowers waiting! We ate artichoke dip, Chicken and Veggie stir fry and CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD CAKE YUM!

After we got home I filled up the kiddie pool for the kiddos to swim in while my friend Melissa and I hung out and chatted. OH and we ordered Pizza OH a wonderful day of no cooking once again. I love those days!!!

Thanks everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes and Hopes to see Many Many more birthdays :)

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