Monday, July 21, 2008


This weekend was HUGE I mean really truly HUGE I look back and wonder why in the world am I so tired and I say OHHH Huge weekend.

It all started on Friday night. James, Dana, Melissa, and Melissa's girls all went to cosmic bowling from Midnight-two. WOW I know but it was ohhh so fun. Jackson stayed with mom and was sleeping the entire night away while we were bowling our hearts out. Minus a few glitches such as them playing slow songs RANDOM slow songs and changing the channel in the middle of slow songs we had lots of fun. Dana won the first game to everyone's shock LOL she was even shocked then I let James win. Yes I let him win we are going to keep him thinking that :) Then I won with the TONS of strikes and spairs :) I was finally warmed up hehe and the only one to break 100. It was so much fun and I can not wait to do it again. It was only $10 a person too so a great price for a night of fun. Oh and sorry James and Jeremy for leaving you in the parking lot but Dana and I were tired of the tech talk!!!

The next day Jackson and I went to see everyone in Livermore. We had breakfast there and got to see my cousin Becca for the first time in a year. She is 10 now WOW here and Jackson are born on the same day of the year 7 years apart. Becca used to call Jackson her twin. I know I know far from twins but it is nice to know that they love eachother. While we were there Auntie Rhonda game me scrapbook paper for my birthday and some pictures that are super VERY special and now I must go shopping for a few frames THANK YOU AUNTIE RHONDA! After that Jackson had a pillow fight with Dad.

The next day was Sunday we went to church and then after that we went to lunch with the church sorry forgot the camera. (like this post isnt full of pictures already?) After that we had a small party for Sarah and my birthday Technically it was Sarah's 24th birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARAH!!! You are one of my 2 favorite sisters in the whole wide world!!!! We opened gifts and had a BR's ice cream cake YUMMY with yes lots of candles and of course candles that relight!!!

After the festivities we went to funworks where we went on go-carts, then putt putt golf then go carts again and then Sarah, Jeremy and Jackson went in tubes!!! It was a ton of fun and Sarah and I took some funny pictures :)

Hope you guys enjoyed all the slide shows!

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