Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Should Get an A+ Mommy Award

After a few months well I should say a year or so Jackson has been begging for this car at Walmart. It is a power wheels and I figured sense Jackson had been driving all of his buddies cars he was ready to drive one of his own. We had been saving up for a looong time so I drove my grandfathers truck there to pick one out. There was NO WAY it would fit in the van. Of course they didn't have the one he had been wanting but he was willing to settle for the blue and orange Jeep that was on the top. I was sorta worried that no one would be able to put the huge thing together. Jeremy is not a master of assembling things as I have said a few times and I didn't want it to be half way put together. So we asked the lady if it took very long to put it together and she told us that all you had to do is put the battery in and the wheels I said Oh I am sure Jeremy could do that (ha ha ha). So I look and there are NONE left either I start pulling boxes out and finally see one. To my wonderful surprise I see one on clearance for uhh $150 off the listed price the box was beat up and it had been open but nothing else was missing or anything and it verified on the box that nothing had been taken out of the box SOOO we got it. Two weeks later and we still have a box in our garage and Jackson begging to drive a car. So me thinking that the wheels only needed to be put on it I dragged the box into the house and opened it up. When I opened it I see HOLY COW. It was in tons pieces 54 screws and did I say in a TONS of pieces. So I scratched my head thought about it and start separating pieces looking at directions and actually said "it's worth a try" 38 steps later and 20 stickers added. I MADE A CAR WOW HUH. It took me about 2 hours and I actually did it all by myself with a 3 year old crawling all over my back CRAZY HUH!!!!! So Officially I should get an A+ Mommy award for this one :) The battery is still charging (SEE I REALLY DID READ THE DIRECTIONS) It has to charge for 18 hours the first time. Just take a look at the picture though hehe I am soooo proud of myself (nothing like giving yourself a pat on the back)! Oh how do I get it out of the Family Room OHH and the house LOL



chanelireli said...

I'm glad you joined the #1 mommy club :) good job elaina!!!

Anonymous said...

That so awesome, Elaina!! Good job!!!! I am sure Jackson will have a ton of fun riding around in that. Michael was telling me that him and Jeremy work at the same company. I didn't remember that until he reminded me. But I guess he sometimes hears him on the radio..... It's great that you were able to have a family night at home. I know thats really nice when our guys actually get some time off!!!