Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cornerstone Preschool Parade of Animals

Jackson's preschool had a parade of animals this year for is harvest party. It was soooo cute to see all the children dressed in all their animal costumes. They also had a bounce house, carnival games that gave out some candy but lots of little fun toys like play dough and kazoos, and a little party time in the class room. Jackson is still talking about it and says that preschool should be like that every day. Jackson also keeps talking about one of his teachers Miss Jaimie dressed up as Minnie Mouse. He thought was extra special because he went as Mickey. This was his costume from last year and it still fit so it was great to be able to put put it to use this year the best $15 I have spent on a comstume yet I would have to say. It turned out so great and Jeremy got to be part of the fun too. He took off a week because he has not had any time off in a LONG time so he has got to be a part of this week.

Once again with the colleges because I once again have been photo happy :)

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