Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A BIG Reason

Some of you may wonder why I am so crazy for constantly getting myself into things at church. In these pictures you will see just a few reasons I have allowed myself to be so insanely busy. These are just a few of or future preachers, doctors, teachers, church board members, etc. By me starting here and planting that small little seed about Christ in their hearts I have made a huge diffrence in their lives. No I am not saying these children will be instant successes because of me nor am I saying that they will always follow the right path. What I am saying though is that by me teaching them about Christ and what he can do in our lives I can make sure they know what path to come back to. Children at this age have such great faith and they would be willing to take that walk on water with Jesus and Peter with NO questions asked. They wouldn't look back either! Every answer to any question is Jesus or God. Not just because a lot of the time it is, but because they truly believe that is the answer. They believe by us just simply praying and laying our hands on a person they should instantly be able to get up and be well not a question. They say it can be done because Jesuse and God. dont you wish all of our faith was soooo profound! They have that faith that could do anything. That is why not matter how big or small a problem we have I always have them pray for it. There non-fleeting faith just lets them take that step out there.

In the picture you can see our Rainbow class they painted with pudding this last week!!! They are such a great group of boys and girls and they have TONS of fun on Wednesday Nights!

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looks fun :)