Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Miss Taylor

Four days ago I was checking my myspace and there was a bulletin from a friend of mine named Gina. She and I have talked through the past 3 years we have had our little Marchmallow Babies on our message board we are both members of. In the bulletin I was totally blown away and shocked by the news of her daughter Taylor having cancer. Tears came to my eyes just thinking of this little girl I have viewed pictures of and heard stories about her wit and humor. We have been there watching these children from all over the country grow and thrive and we have talked through many of a funny store on our board. This has been such a blessing to have these women in my life even though sometimes we don't always have the times to update on our day to day life. We or should I say I never think of the possibility of the word cancer ever coming up in a conversation we have with a child you know. Gina and her husband found this news out on Friday and have sense already started the process of Chemo and other treatments. I am just putting this out here to say to keep Taylor and her family (they have 2 other children) in your prayers and thoughts. Also I am putting a link to the journal of this beautiful little girl so that you guys if you are interested can see the outcome. So far she has been doing great!!!! I pray the Lords hand stays on her and her days stay going so well!!!!!!

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