Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

NO I am not totally crazy!!! YES that is 4 kids carving pumpkins!!! YES Thank GOD for friends that stick with me while doing so. So this year we have another pumpkin carving night before Halloween. Not really a planned occasion but it got the job done. Why do I always forget and put it off ummm lets see pumpkin guts and kids usually equals a gross mess of slime for me to clean up. So I wrapped my dining room table in plastic and went for it. James and Dana brough Alex over too so that he could carve his first pumpkin as you can tell by the pictures the ewwwww face had the words ewwww in for sure. Stephanie and Samantha were also over while Jeremy and the girl's mom Melissa were at practice for Sunday we carved 4 pumpkins that turned out pretty good I would have to say. I am the one who usually cutes peices that arnt suppose to be cut out but no accident this year WOO HOO!!!! Jackson once again loved it and wanted a" TRIANGLE" face JACKSON-O-LANTERN!!! Yeah I know what they are really called but he said he wasnt Jack he is Jackson. He also insited on getting the guts out himself. He did a good job this year too. Oh and the good thing about the plastic is you wrap it up all in one swoop and toss it in the trash. Remembering this for next year if it is raining and we cant do it outside.


chanelireli said...

pumpkin carving with 4 kids when you only have one, you are nice :)

Andrea said...

well hey you do better than us...our pumpkins are STILL hole and on the front porch LOL.