Friday, June 20, 2008

You Gotta Have It MAMA

You truly have to love when your three year old screams at the top of his lungs and says "HURRY COME IN HURRY HURRY!" I of course bolt for the family room from the back room and there he is standing in front of the T.V. I say what is wrong he says "OHH Momma you really need one of those!" HUH what "You really need a PAM CAKE MAKER. " I look at the screen and it is one of those only on T.V. commercial about this pancake maker that names them look like dough nut holes.pancake makers GOT TO LOVE that huh. I ask him why do I need that. He says "To make me those yummy Pam cakes silly." Oh the joys to be three and want everything and anything you see on T.V. No I am not ordering it but I can only imagine that it will not work as easy as it says it will. I bet they will stick to the pan and then toss batter everywhere. But its a nice thought that he thinks I need every gadget for the kitchen :)

On a side note. Jeremy has been working till 2 a.m. every day this week BLAH and he will be working every day this weekend so if anyone has any fun ideas let me know because I am in for a boring weekend at home. We just might go to the water park or something. Oops take that back water park and the weekend really dont mix. We tried that one day last year and I ended up stepping on glass because there were so many people there the maintenance people had not had the chance to clean up after everyone. Why can't people just pick up their stuff after eating or breaking something in a park. It would make it so that everyone can enjoy it later also. PLUS can you read the NO GLASS BOTTLE sign?

I should be getting some pics up pretty soon on here a have a lot on the camera but you know me I usually have almost 300 pictures before deciding to load them up.

Mom and I are going to watch the day time Emmys Hmmm.... I do believe I have become a hermit the past few weeks. With mom being sick I have to stay close to home. Well at least 30 minutes or so away. We have been going to my Dads or we have also been to Ripon a few times. Just nothing really super exciting.


Katrina said...

Hey Elaina! Glad to see ya join the blogger community... careful, it's addicting! haha. Hope you find something fun to do this weekend!

chanelireli said...

that's why we don't have a tv! all those stupid commercials :)