Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One Very Simple Reason

Hello everyone. I know I know I promised pictures of the pine wood derby. HONESTLY the lighting stunk. Not a whole lot to share it was fun and everyone had a good time so that is all that matters in the end. This weekend was a little bit exhausting. Mom is sick and I have been having to help her a lot and the weather and the air conditions from the fires are not helping her at all. So if you guys could all say a prayer for her it would be great. I wish she would start feeling at least a little better so her mood will be better and maybe a little happier and less cranky.

OK so the reason for the post in the first place had a theme. Basically the simple truth is to show you one simple reason WHY we should support our troops. This is my best friend Andrea and her husband Josh and my beautiful godchildren. (I'm not partial or anything:)) I LOVE THEM SOOOOO MUCH! Josh is in the United States Navy and is currently on deployment for 6 months. Our troops are not just the ones that are in Iraq. Our troops are all of our Military staff. The ones that stick to the every day task of protecting our country in general. I believe that even not during war time we should hold these people high and dear to our hearts because they do put it out there for us. They do step into out place to protect and to serve for us. They don't know every single person in our country but that is exactly what they are doing. So when it comes down to it yes war stinks yes we don't have to believe or agree in the war but we should support and stand by our soldiers and be there for them at any given time. We should hold them up with the utmost respect! We should shake their hands and give the a pat on the back because they are doing a job that is so great! ALSO we should also thank the wives, husbands and the families of these soldiers we should give them a hug and help them in any way that we can. They have gave their family member to us to help support our country. They miss their family member so much when they go away and it is HARD to support a family by yourself. When you are a wife or husband of a soldier it is a lot of the time being like a single parent. You have to set for a stable home life, teach your children about God and his way, and basically do all of the things in the house so its a full time job also. Not to mention everything else that goes along with everyday life such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. PLUS if you have to live away from your family WOW I know that I personally would be an emotion wreck. So with the 4th of July being right around the corner. Don't forget to thank our military members and their family for all the hard work they do for us and the scarifies they have put up for us. Be willing to sign up for those buy a few items for a box to send to soldier and feel good that you are doing just a little part in helping them feel appreciated, wanted and loved. Oh and maybe volunteer to baby sit for a wife or husband that doesn't have their soldier there. Because getting away from the kids does help us be better moms and dads because we get to step back and take care of us even if it is just getting an hour for some me time. Or even volunteer to spend time at a veterans they are some of the reason why our country is so great right now. Oh and if you don't like our country then move out of it. Simple and true. No one is keeping you here :)

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of our AMERICAN TROOPS!!!!

I LOVE YOU JOSH AND ANDREA and I miss you guys sooooooo MUCH ((((HUGS))))


chanelireli said...

I'll be praying for your mom :)

Katrina said...

God Bless our Troops! Hope the smoke clears and your mom starts feeling better! =)