Friday, June 20, 2008

May Be a Hobby But I Love It!

Photography has been a hobby or should I say a passion for eleven years! Wow amazing huh? I am learning more and new things with my camera and editing software more and more each and everyday. I promised a few photos for everyone to see so here are a few older pictures from this year. I cant really choose one style of photography that I enjoy looking at. I do love taking portraits though.

Honestly I have learned to appreciate the art of photography I love going to museum and seeing ideas and peoples views on their subjects may it be a portrait or an abstract. I search and view blogs and websites of wedding pictures and family poses. I am glad to share what I have learned and may it be something with my actual camera or even different software.

I love documenting my life through photography. If you saw all the scrapbooks in the house you would see that. I love taking pictures of special moments that you sometimes cant get on video and just can be remembered because you had a camera just sitting there. As you may tell Jackson is a lot my photos right now because well sometimes you don't have a lot of subjects. I think he is a pretty cute subject thought!!! I Hope you guys enjoy it.

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