Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK So with all the reruns on I have a new found addiction. Big Brother is huge hit between my Mom and I and so I have been on different update sites well this one started post Big Brother Australia and and Big Brother UK. OK it is official. Big Brother USA has some stepping up to do and should take on a few ideas from these people. It is soooo funny and so good at some of the tasks they have had them do. But if you do not know yet Big Brother USA starts on July 13th. Hmmmm I wonder what they are going to do this time. I hope they don't do the whole couple thing over again it is getting old. BB UK did not have a couple in till this year and they are on their 9th season. Something also completely different in both of the other countries is they have DAILY shows so they don't try to fit 4 days into one day. HINT HINT less reruns more show! The info we have so far is that there are going to be 13 house guests and finally more versatility in personalities and ages. Believe it or not that actually is what makes it interesting :)

So the site I have been going to is I wish I could thank these guys daily for posting both shows it is a lot of work because they are not in the same format as USA. Also they are sometimes 5-10 youtubes long. Thanks officially on here even though you might never see it. They also plan on doing recaps on the USA show to I have no idea how they do it.

OK off I go to my addiction :)

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