Thursday, June 26, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

So Saturday June 21st was the pine wood derby at our church. I had never been to one (I know deprived as a child :)) For those of you who do no know what a pine wood derby is, it is a small car race. The cars are made by the people racing the cars out of a small block of wood. They are judged by what they look like and how fast they go. They are placed on a track to race and find out who the winner is. I had no idea what to expect and how creative these cars can get from just a block of wood. I had no idea you could buy kits and construct them instead of starting from scratch with that block of wood either. Well not too bad for a very first try. As I have said a few time Jeremy had been working REALLY bad hours and his paint job was how should I say VERY hmmm trying to be nice here drippy and lumpy. So I took it over to my Papa and he sanded it out and fixed all the issues I had no idea how to fix it by myself is a day (next year I will have it done way before the day before riiiight). Jackson requested a Mini Van. I know I know not arrow dynamic by any means but that is what he wanted so we let the three year old have his way. Papa chose the color cause he thought it looked slick because of the cross was going to be gold. We entered it into 2 races one being the commander race, being oh did I mention Jeremy is a commander and for the little ones race being Jackson is too small to be in royal rangers. Can you believe it actually got 2nd place in the commanders race and 4th in the little ones race. So Not bad for our very first time doing anything like this. OK the lighting was bad so I am so very sorry for the cruddy pics.

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