Monday, December 15, 2008

A TRUE Star is born!

Its official everyone Jackson is not shy by any means he is totally not afraid to stand in front of 200 people and sing his heart out and if you turn of the mic he will just go and find another one. My son is soooo hilarious he had everyone rolling in the aisle with laughed during our church production of A King is Coming to Town. The song they were sing was calling King of the Jungle. They were suppose to being dancing and sing like animals well my son took it literally for sure and decided to do it own thing. Everyone thought it was part of the play lol. After their song we brought them down the stage in a line and Pastor Scott called Jackson up to talk with him. He said you didnt get a chance to talk here ya go. Jackson said HI EVERYONE MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I ran up there and got him and he high fived everyone while going back up the aisle. The play turned out well and we are soooo glad it is over because it means we get our Sunday afternoons back for rest and family time.

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