Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

(Jackson's first time seeing Santa)

Coming soon with pictures and the full story but I wanted to let you all know I will be blogging about it. . Jackson has asked about 20 times already when we are going to Nana and Papas to eat and open gifts. We are also going to My Dads in Livermore and Jeremy's Grandparent who live about a block and half away THANK GOD for small worlds and grandparents moving so close together it used to be Clovis and then Manteca then Livermore. We will be leaving the house around 12:30. Pray for our safe travels and we pray for all of yours too. May you all have a fun Christmas this year!

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Andrea said...

yeah you have fun I don't envy you ONE BIT...I wish my parents lived close enough to drive, but I'll see them Saturday...thank GOD I don't have to deal with the inlaws.