Monday, March 15, 2010

March Madness

This happens to be every year March takes over ever day. We have a ton of birthdays in March and no they are just not friends they are family so your really can't just cut them out of the equation and the business of our days that have been going by. Every year I have a list of things that I have to get done this may include Easter it does include palm Sunday this year and every year I fall behind on things and most the time its the blog. Sorry blog world but sometimes the things ACTUALLY going on the time takes over :P. we have celebrated 6 birthdays so far and a ton to go. Birthdays mean so much more to me this year because you never know when the last one is going to be for a family member. Celebrating life is an awesome thing. I think that is why we like to make such a big deal about that.

Of course Jacksons birthday is also this month and he is allllll talk about the birthday Party. We have decided the Chuck E Cheese is the most awesome place for him and he loves it too. They stamp their hand so no one can escape (believe me it happens more than you think) No it is soooo not about the food, but it is about I DON'T HAVE TO CLEAN UP THE MESS. Man, am I lazy or what hehe. I don't have to clean and have everything perfect at my house just so someone can come over and make an explosion of it. PLUS they play games and run their selves mad so usually that means it is an extra early bed time. So maybe its about me and not completely about him but that means we get to have a lot more fun the next day not having to clean. This year Palm Sunday is the next day so we have to be singing with the preschoolers in front of the church. So you all should come Jackson loves to perform for everyone.

In other news are you all ready for this??? We are going to be going to DISNEYLAND so check that off our list we are booked and Mom is going to be coming with us. We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel GASP I am still in shock. We are all soooo excited and Jackson doesn't know either the plan is to surprise him and to wait as long as we can before we have to tell him. We are going with a TON of family and mom plans to stimulate the economy much so while she is out and about lol. So we are doing something awesome for our country (I am being funny not thinking this is really going to help)

Be prepared for a ton of pics!

Also Jeremy has a new job oh wait or should I say 2 jobs. He has decided to work from the train for one and to work full time for another. YES I have actually seen my husband how else do you think he gets to the train :P We are actually getting on a schedule of things it is sort of hectic and mad but we will get there very soon. I love my husband for providing for our family and I love that he is doing it the way God has told him to do. I love that he is also allowing me to do so while I take care of Jackson and Mom. Jeremy you are the best for me!!!! I love you

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