Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ohh the 4 year old funnies

Sometimes life is just funny. Sometimes you have to laugh even though you know you shouldn't also. One day last week Jackson got in trouble at school. We have been working on this yes and he has stayed green on his ticker for about 2 weeks now and that is awesome. Well last Wednesday the teacher comes to the door and whispers to me that Jackson got a orange ticker but she wanted to explain this on. A little boy was saying he wears diapers. Jackson said no I dont and said this about 4-5 times. Well finally Jackson had enough of this conversation and pulled his pants down in front of the class and said "SEE I WEAR UNDERS" Well the teacher had to do something and understand but when I left the class and everyone else I told the story to has laughed. NOOO I didn't laugh in front of Jackson, but I did laugh. When I had Jackson explain the story to me he said "that boy is just preposterous!" Who is this child and who has taught him these words lol :) So now i not only go over the way we make good choices for day and listen to teacher, I also have to say and please keep your pants up in class ;)

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