Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Jackson's First Day Of Jr K

Jackson started Jr Kindergarten on August 18th! He absolutely loves it and he is learning how to right some new letters. He has learned F, E, & D. He is so excited to write. He just doesnt like all the questions such as... "Hey Jackson you learned the letter F today?

Jackson: Yes
Me: What starts with the letter F
Jackson: Well Mama I don't really care for this letter it is not very fun.
Me: you know fun starts with the letter F right?
Jackson: Yes But I don't care F F F F is for Fish and Friend and other F words

Hmm Ya think he gets it?

Also in the going ons. We had our first Birthday without Nana. We went and saw Mom and then we went to the Cemetery. It helped ot bring flowers to her. I guess I dont think Anything would work this year.

In other news Mom took her very first walk on the Parallel bars. From 3 steps with a walker to 15 on the bars AWESOME isn't!!!

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