Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oh July 2009 how you will be remembered

Hello everyone I have tried to type and write this blog for the past 2 weeks. It truly has been a rather difficult month. If I drowned it out of my mind I would to honestly tell you I wish I could keep July 3rd at a stand still. July 3rd was that last conversation with my neighbor and close friend Jennifer. On the Morning of July 5th Jackson stood at our front door and said MAMA the FIRE TRUCK IS HERE. I ran out there to see Jennifer being loaded it a ambulance. Jennifer had been very sick over the past few months she had cancer and things were not working well for her. Turns out all of us in denial were about to get a huge smack in the face. Jennifer had a stroke that day and never woke up. I dont want you guys to remember as that so I am going to quit simple tell you what she was to me. Jennifer was not just a neighbor. I have know here sense I was 9 years old and begging to go swimming in their pool next door brough my mother and her very close. So close that they became fast and very best friends. Jennifer was like an awesomely cool aunt. She let me have pool parties at her house. She introduced me to Van Halen and Arrowsmith. She also talked to me about boys and really was concerned about every aspect of my life. We talked daily and we never once did not say hello when we say each other even while driving away we always made sure to wave at least. She also was there for me when mom was put in the hospital this last time. She sat with me and called and checked in on me. She also was the person to see Mom off to the rehabilitation hospital. She talked to mom and said she loved her and for her to take care of her no matter what happened. They got to talk and hug before all of this went on and I so glad mom has those memories of that now.

You would think DANG what else could happen to Elaina welp we are not done yet....

The day that we had Jennifers celebration of life Nana and Papa watched Jackson. They played with him for the full day and the day before actually they watched movies they played Nana was so happy to spend so much time with him. She told me that her and Papa would rest that friday and they might even go for a drive. She also asked me to pray with her. She was planned to go to Standford on the 21st for some information about her heart they were trying to figure out exactly what steps they were going to take so that she could maybe start getting well. I prayed with her gave her a hug and kiss and loaded Jackson in the car she stood there on the front porch the entire time I drived away and waved and blew kisses to Jackson. The next day she really didn't feel well she said she was just tired and wanted to rest for the day. I did talk to her and to save my life I can tell you that I dont even remember exactly what we said I know we ended the phone call with I love you because we always did.

On Saturday morning at 3:30am I was woken up with banging on the front door. My grandfather was there saying Nana might have had a heart attack and to meet him at the hospital. In true fate my Nana died with Papa in his arms. Yes he called 911 and was taken to the hospital but by the time they got there my grandmother was not longer there. She went to be with Jesus.

My Nana has been a constant in my life my entire life the longest I went without seeing her would have to be either a week at vacation or science camp. I spent every Friday night with her up until my cousins moved in. So from 3 years old till I was almost in high School. She taught me to roller skate. She taught me so many things I can not even think of how I can put it all into words. She was there for every milestone of my life may it be very small as to giving me my first bath to the birth of Jackson. She had such a eventful life one that I have to write down eventually before I forget all the stories. She was a leader, a worker, a giver not just a grandmother and mother. She was so much and typing this is pretty much killing me.

Nana passed away on July 18th. 10 days after Jennifer her funeral was a week and day after hers also. pretty much 2 weeks of utter depression and tears. Not to mention I had to tell of this to my mother within 2 weeks my mother lost her mother and her best friend. 2 people who brought so much to my life.

2 funerals within a week of each other and in each of them I read a letter from mom so she could have a small bit of closure.

Oh and on the 21st I turned 29. Im not depressed about the age I honestly could care less about my birthday this year. I am usually the most excited and love my birthday but it was sort of smashed this year I dont think it will ever really be the same. I went and saw Mom by myself and Uncle Steve got me a cake. I also go to go to red lobster with the Hannons/Prices

The following Saturday I did have a small surprise party that took my mind off of things for a bit we sang Karioki and hung out and ate junk food. It was a lot of fun. Dana and Melissa did a great job in hiding it. plus I got my toes done :)

Lets just hope this year brings a lot more good things. :)

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limpingalong said...

So sorry you have had such a month of losses. I want to share with you something my neighbor used to say to me -- Nita, this too shall pass! And it does -- time goes right on even though our hearts are breaking. Eventually, however, we find that we are managing despite our grief.
As long as we have memories in our hearts, no one ever really dies.
Continue remembering all the good things and the good times and keep these memories in your heart.