Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Not really slowing down!

I am sure that by the time I am even thinking about putting the last word into this blog my son will be awake and I will have to be getting up to finish cleaning. This week is about slowing down really you think it might work. The house is being cleaned and the laundry is getting done and did I mention Andrea is coming to visit... yep Andrea and the kids are coming to visit from Wednesday to Sunday. We have not been able to visit longer than 2 hours for quite some time. So far the only actual plans we have made to leave the house are her to go to a wedding and on Friday to go see my Mom. It will be the first time seeing her sense the entire process. So it should be a good visit.

Mom is doing really well this week in her PT they put her on a board. Sorry I can not remember the name of it. It makes her stand up on her feet and strengthens her legs so she can begin walking. They are planning on down sizing her trech sometime this week. This means it will be able to try capping it off. The RT believe within the next month we will have no more trech. WOO HOO!!!

Jackson starts Pre-K this month OHHH I cannot get over that he is getting so big. Like I said before I would not be able to finish typing this blog without him getting up. He is sitting next to me playing his v-smile travel. He calls it his DS LOL :) Talk to you all soon with lots of photos I am sure!

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