Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Coming Weekend

This weekend will be the first one night stay away from Jackson. You would think oh it will be a romantic get away but not really lol ;) Being in leadership at church sometimes means expanding our horizons and by needing to do this means going to conferences. The church invited me to go the Connect Conference in Sacramento, CA. Knowing that driving back for two days will equal the same as a hotel stay and a lot less sleep we have opted to go to stay over night there. WOW huh. The classes I am going to be sitting in on sound so exciting I can't wait to learn new things for the preschool ministries and put them into practice. They sound fun and exciting also one of them is called Jesus Votes for Pro Playtime. Me too as I am teaching and they are learning about Jesus so I thought it would be fun to learn some new teaching idea.

So everyone keep us in your prayers that we will have an exciting time that will teach us new and fun ideas for the kids. Also please pray for Jackson because this will be the first time we have ever been away from him for so long. ALSO ONCE AGAIN I KNOW LOTS OF PRAYERS Pray for mom... She needs the most prayer her strength is not the best and she has some issues staying on her own.

WISH US LUCK and I hope Jeremy and I will will have a few minutes of free time alone :)


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chanelireli said...

I hope it was a fun weekend :) I heard you weren't very alone though.