Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monkeys, Zebras and Giraffes OH MY

On September 13th we went to the Oakland Zoo. No it wasn't the first time we had ever went to the zoo but it was the first BIG zoo we went to. We needed to go to Oakland to pick up Jeremy's aunt anyway so it made a wonder excuse to make the trek to Oakland. Jeremy's Mom, Dad and Sister Sarah went with us so we had a pretty nice group size! We got there around 1pm and had a great time. Jackson loved every moment of it and the only time we had a bit of a fuss was when he had to leave the giraffes, and when he wanted to ride one more ride.

The best quote ever from this trip is "Mama we Gunna take that giraffe home?" Me "What?" "Not the big one Mama the wittle one juuuust the wittle one!"

He loved the giraffes we are still talking about them. He says we need to go back and see them! I did get a lot of shots of the they were great at posing for the camera :P

He is also still talking about the Elephants he said NOOOO we can't take one of those home they are waaaaay too big ":) I would have to agree I don't like cleaning up messes from our 7 pound dog I could only imagine the mess from a elephant YUCK

It turned out to be a great day and we honestly can't wait to go again. I am thinking of maybe a fall trip there! Anyone wanna have fun at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to have a birthday dinner for Jeremy sorry no pics of that. We were all soooo tired that the only pics that were taken were by Jackson and those are on my sis-in-laws camera someday I will get them lol :)

Hope you guys like the pictures!
(oh side note the explaination for Jackson forehead! He ran into a friend at school and piffed it on the carpet giving him a pretty rug burn!" Its pretty much all gone now)

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