Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jackson's First Day of Preschool

Jackson very first day of preschool was today. He is going to Cornerstone Christian Preschool. It is actually located at our church so it is nothing really new to the location and it seem to have worked out really nicely. He is officially on a bed time schedule I know SHOCKER!!! He goes to bed at 9:00 and we have to be at the school by 8:30. Jackson was very excited he had been asking for 3 weeks when he was going to start. We walked in video camera not working of course me clicking a camera like a mad person :)! His teacher greeted him with a hug and first things first they all wash there hands as soon as they get there. His teachers name is Miss Jaimie who is also the director of the school. They first sign there name in the sign in book each week to start the learning of writing there name Jackson wrote the J but Miss Cheryl helped him with the rest. Then it was time to leave my baby (WAHHHHH) I didn't cry yes I was hesitant, but know that Jackson will do so well here and have a great time so I gave him a hug and kiss and then Jeremy did that same and we walk into the hall. I went and ran some errands and Jeremy went to work. 5 hours later WOW i know I went and picked him up. Miss Jaime said he did really well! WOO HOO!!! He did say he was sooooo exhausted around 11:40 during story time and laid there reading books after that (WOW he sat still and stayed there for that long) . He was exhausted though he didnt want to do anything but go home. He taked about painting and the pears at lunch and how he wanted to go back tomorrow and play :) They said he can count to 28 on his own (HUH WHAT) and he can also identify about 12 letters on the board (UHH WHAT again) I didnt think he could do either of those. They have put him in the pre-K class with about 2 other 3 year old and the rest are 4 so he will be learning more letters and numbers throughout the year. Jaimie said he has such a great personality with such a great willingness to learn and help if another child is sad. She said he is soooo funny with some of things he says too. He questioned her about every little new thing he saw in the classroom too. I am sooo glad he likes preschool and has not put a fight up for getting up and going in the morning. I can't wait to see what he is going to learn and show us at home!

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kim c said...

Yay! What big boys we have now! In preschool already...I still can't believe it. Jackson looks so cute...like a little dude all ready for school. Glad you love it there. =)