Monday, May 03, 2010

Spring at last!

Step 1: Place Rocket on the base!
Step 2: BLAST OFF (flip the switch)
Step 3: get wet and have fun!

Spring has decided to show its face at last. It has rained at least 2 days each week for the past week I am not complaining, but when we get the chance we are spending it outside playing. Jackson picked out a new sprinkler this year. We are totally into Buzz right now and so of course when he saw that this shot a rocket in the air and you are the one flipping the switch he begged for it. This is a guaranteed 2 hour play window we are talking about. I love that he is able to go play out there on his own and I can clean house and know he is playing with the rocket because every few seconds I hear BLAST OFF! Oh and he is not digging to China in that hole he has created. It gets bigger and bigger each year it is insane! So BLAST OFF here are some pics of him playing with this awesome toy!

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