Monday, May 03, 2010

Open House

Yes I know I am still catching up on April activities hey if you can read this you know that it is 10:15 PM and I am typing and uploading pictures to catch up. May is suppose to be pretty busy too. SO be ready to have May all about a month behind too.

April 20th was Jackson open house. He got to show off his room at school and all things he has been working on. Included in this was also a report card of sorts. He is doing great! He will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. Knowing all his letters by site and their sounds. Counting to 39 the entire concept of 40 is new to him and he can count to 30 in Spanish. NO I did not teach him this he has picked it up here and there. So get ready for graduation pics here coming soon. He graduated May 28th soooooo family if you want to come you may it is at 11:30 at Cornerstone Church :)

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