Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentines Day and getting Out

Well Valentines is over and now the crazy plans of Easter is coming very soon just as fast as Valentines came and went. This year is passing so fast I can't believe it. This yeah Jackson picked out toy story valentines. He signed all 32 of them. Can you believe that. He was so excited he sat there for an hour signing his name. You could hear him say J aaaaaaa cccccc KKKKKKK as he signed each letter each time.

On Friday Jeremy also got a call back to go back to his job that he was laid off from. He has an official hire date of March 22nd. We will also be having benefits again and things seem to be working out.

Also we have set forth plans to go to Disneyland. YEP mom has been getting out of the house sooo much more she even went bowling with us on Saturday. We had a big week she was able to get out 4 of the 7 days and still did physical therapy. I am now finally seeing the end of the tunnel. Mom will soon be back to a more productive life that she can enjoy. PRAISE GOD

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thebiglers said...

so glad she's getting out and about. Now to get her to Disneyland in June and San Diego in August for a baby shower LOL.