Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hello world this week has been insane completely insane. Jeremy got laid off soooo things or ideas to get done hmmm. Clean clean everything Under every item In ever drawer I am doing winter cleaning not spring cleaning Ha with the insane rain and wind who really wants to go outside anyway. Oh I just love and adore doing these things. (I know you can't hear the sarcasm in my voice) So this house has been turned upside down and inside out. I know I still have another week to be complete but in the mean time keeping up with everything else and making sure I stay up on things has officially exhausted me. I have even put my four year old to work scrubbing walls and bath tubs hey cheap labor and he doesn't mind hehe.

In other news I have found out I am lacking in the blood count department. FUN STUFF. So now I am taking Iron and Vitamin B12 by the 5000s and getting shots for that too. Oh and then they want to take blood to find out how the blood count it every other week. All this so I can stay out of the hospital. So far the Vitamin B12 that has been started on Tuesday has helped. I feel a little more energy and have been able to get a ton more done and not feel like I am going to fall down and croak. Croaking is a bad thing you know.

So we have found a ton of little toys and pens and items that we have bought Jackson over the past few months that we never put in his stocking. I also found a web site called We had watched a few episodes on the computer and Jackson wanted nothing to do with it. Well Cheryl my cousin who has been helping me with my cleaning venture put some of these items on Jacksons dresser. He saw them and said TREATS there are TREATS on my dresser the house fairy came she new I had been cleaning my room and the bath tub. THEN Immediately he began cleaning up the toys in his room. He said I want another treat next week so I better keep my room picked up hmmm I wonder how long this will work and how long it is going to take that the house fairy is just this crazy lady dressed up and tell them how to have manners and clean up after themselves we will see we will see.

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