Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's official today Jeremy started his new job! I didn't want to blog about it until his first day, mainly because I wanted to make sure it actually happened. Jeremy is working for US Davis at the Mondavi Center for the performing art. Those of you who know Jeremy should know he is a huge performing arts fan who also likes being part of the action to. He said the job must have truly been God sent because it is so perfect and the best of both worlds. One down side to it is the commute. I am not complaining about it and neither is Jeremy so we must not be too worried about it lol. I wish it was closer yes but the job has its perks I am sure. First being that the job pays for its gas money so that is a huge deal and one of the reasons why I am not worried about it. I also know the Lord's hand his on Jeremy and we have already discussed if he gets too tired he can stay with his Sister Sarah for a night in Sacramento.

We asked Jackson what he thought of this and he said WOO HOO my BIRFDAY PARRRTY. Oh and that we can play games at the fair. LOL the funny things that stick in a 4 year olds head. He also said Daddy is working at the movie theater lol. Jeremy explained that it was a theater so that is what he went to. He said that means Daddy can take him to the movies lol. WOW kids

So the plans for Jacksons birthday have been started the request for Chuck E Cheese has been made by Jackson so i believe his party is on the 4th of April when I get the invites done I will be mailing them and emailing them and I am sure posting them on here. I hope everyone is doing well and thanks everyone for all the prayers they were much needed I am sure Jeremy will be telling us a lot about his new job! Love you all

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